Traffic Congestion

By : Stacy Kovets, Jordan Muehlmeyer, and Kenia Dominguez

Background Information

Public roads are public property and everyone has the right to use them. When people get on the road they just want to try to get to their destination as quickly as possible. But when a lot of people get on the road at the same time and are all in a hurry then the roads can get backed up and the pace of the cars slows down. Then when you have a ton of cars idling, it creates a lot more polution in the air.

Tragedy of Commons

Traffic congestion is related to the Tragedy of Commons because if too many people get on the road at the same time then it could get really backed up. Then when there is a lot of cars backed up and idling then it will cause a lot of polution which will then cause problem with a lot of other economic problems.

Key Players

The key players to the problem of traffic congestion is all the people in the society and nation.

Possible Solutions

A possible solution to this problem would be putting traffic toles on main highways that way it will reduce the number of people that travel on those roads. People could also carpool so it would reduce the amount of polution that is put into the air.