Rosa Parks Made a Mark!

Michelle Bulanov


Have you ever knew Rosa Parks and what she did? Have you ever even read a book about her? Well if both of those questions answers is a no, then today is your lucky day! Today you are going to learn all about Rosa Parks!!! Rosa Parks was helping with the Civil Rights Movement. She also stayed in her seat when she had to move because of the law. That also shows that Rosa Parks is brave.

Rosa Parks Childhood

Rosa Parks childhood was hard. When she walked with black kids to school and back, whenever a white only bus passed her, they would throw stuff at the blacks counting herself. But she gave mercy to them because she knew that they learned this from their parents. Lots of times, when Rosa went somewhere to eat or look around, they were kicked out or either excluded.

Famous Around The World

Rosa Parks was famous because she stayed in my seat when she had to move from her spot. She had to move from her spot because blacks were not allowed to sit in the same row with blacks and a white person was sitting in my row. The bus driver came over and told the blacks,” You have to move.” Rosa Parks stayed in her spot but all the other blacks moved to the back. ” Hey! You going to move or not”

“No I will not.” Rosa exclaimed.

“I will call the police”

“You may do that.” So she went to jail. But she proved her point that the blacks should stay strong!

A Moment that Changed History

Rosa had a very important moment when she heard that black men and woman would be respected and have the same rights as white men and woman. Lots of people came to where Martin Luther King Jr talked a beautiful speech. Rosa Parks was there and it reminded her of the new rights the blacks can have.


So Rosa Parks teaches us not only about that you should be brave and kind, but also about that you should stand up for yourself to have a right. Even if it means to break the law and go to jail. Some people might respect you for what you did and help you make everybody have the same right that you want everybody to have.

Rosa Parks, 1955

Rosa Parks on the bus ride to jail when she was arrested in Montgomery, Dec. 1st, 1955

Rosa Park's funeral attended by millions of people

Rosa Parks - Mini Bio

This video tells about Rosa Park's life