push and pull??

Humans migration

Human migration is is when something effects someone. Like the economy and no job can push you away for somewhere, And somewhere that has good jobs and a great economy can pull you towards where that location is. People move because of good or bad things. Like people move because of loosing jobs. Others move because of family or they just don't like there house. Iraq is an example. Do to where they were having the war it caused people to have to move. I have moved many times in my life i have moved to mass, Haverhill , Salem,Derry, Linn that migration because your not staying in one place but as a teenager you don't have a choice of where you move your parents make you move when they move.
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Humans create cultural mosaics

Cultural mosaics can mean many things, it can mean your religion, your language, traditions, future,hopes,values and, family. It can also mean many other things that you are part of. It can mean where you live and why you live there. The people that lived in Iraq had to move because of the war, and that add to a culture. So that made a mosaic because they are joining someone else culture. I'm a cultural mosaic because i'm Italian, french and many others. I eat many foods from other country's and places.And my religion also makes me a mosaic.
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Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups

Migration can form social groups like humans form social groups, we as humans form social groups by becoming friends with someone and then meeting there friends with there friends. It's like a big circle. The Iraq army fought the U.S. which is two different social groups. Iraq is one whole social group and the United States is one whole social group. My sister and I have some cooperation and conflict, she hates driving me place so if causes a conflict, but when I bribe her and tell her ill do her chores or ill buy her something she says okay so that's a cooperation.

bullets and ballots

my experience with ballots and bullets was confusing at first but at the end i kinda got but i finally spoke up the american government took over because they didn't think the peasants where educated enough and that was unfair they said they wanted to make it fair but it wasn't fair and for the Guatemalan to join the rich and wealthy was not okay we were all as a team and they left because the peasants WERE NOT EDUCATED ENOUGH AND DIDN'T HAVE A LOT OF MONEY BUT THEY RICH AND WEALTHY DID.