2015 10th Anniversary Jeep Rubicon

My Dream Vehicle

Price: $33,095


Exterior: Silver metallic
Interior: Radar red and black leather-trimmed material
Safety: Advanced multi-step airbags, Electronic Stability Control, trailer sway control

Why These Features Matter

Exterior: The metallic color gives the jeep a nice, sleek look.
Interior: The red seats add a unique touch to the vehicle and makes it stand out, which I really like.
Safety: Advanced airbags give me a sense of comfort just in case anything ever happens and I wreck, stability control can help if I'm ever very exhausted while driving, and trailer sway control will help if I ever go to the beach and want to bring our boat with us.

Auto Loan Calculator

APR: 2.49%
# of Months: 60
Monthly Payments: 587.15-613.03$
Interest: 2.49%