Weekly Launch

October 2-6


-We thought we might have another week of free breakfast and lunch but at this time, it will end today. Please put the following blurb in your email communication with parents:

The district is no longer providing free breakfast and lunch. Please be sure your child's account has money in it. If you were previously on free and reduced lunch, you need to reapply before Oct. 16th. This is when the grace period ends. If you need to apply for free/reduced lunch, please visit https://www.schoolcafe.com.

-Please remind parents in your peek about no school on Friday and early release on Oct. 13th.

-Don't forget to purchase jeans passes if you would like!

-Just a reminder, Holly really does not want us using recess as a punishment or time to finish work.

Important Dates

October 2-Wear college shirt

Dine out to Donate

1st planning day

C4-1st grade

October 3-2nd Learning Progression Math-am SS-pm


C4-1st grade

October 4-

Kinder Learning Progression Reading-am Writing-pm

C4-2nd grade


October 5-Character Connection-Wear Character shirt

4th(am) and 5th(pm) math collaboration-stadium

C4-2nd grade

October 6-Inservice

Acknowledge salary in Talent Ed

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Resolve Conflict

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Benson

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Word of the Week-Frequent

Shout outs!

Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job of getting your lesson plans in on time and in its learning!

A big shout out to all of you who attended the Behavior 101 class today! I know it is hard to be away from your class but the learning is well worth it! IF you did not get to attend this one, please plan to attend the December 5th!


To Sue and Helen-They were amazing this week with tablet rollout! Thanks!-Tracey Florez

To Kinder Team and Sandy-They have been so welcoming and helpful to me. They check in with me often to make sure things are going well. I so appreciate the support!-Jessica Delacruz

To Kelly Wagner-She is such an organized GLC. She is always on top of everything and keeps our 3rd grade team positive!-Mallory

To Haley and Julie-they come in and support our SLL students without any hesitation. They are both hard working women who care greatly for our kids.-Lacey Turrentine