By: Gary Paulsen

Chapter 18

Brian is getting mad about his inability to get inside of the plane, Brian then hits it with his fist and the aluminum door opens. Using the hatchet to cut through the rest of the sections, Brian is hitting away at a furious pace when he suddenly drops the hatchet and it falls to the bottom of the lake. After a few tries, Brian succeeds in picking the hatchet up from the bottom, having barely enough air in his lungs to return to the surface. He continues to cut into the plane and swims down into it to retrieve the survival pack. On his way back up he sees the pilot's head, the flesh eaten away by fish. Disturbed, Brian gets sick in the water and, struggling to free the pack from the plane, then finally arrives at the surface. Exhausted from his effort, Brian drags the survival pack to his shelter and falls on the ground and goes to sleep.

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Short summary

Brian Robeson's head is filling with thoughts about his parents divorce. So plans to fly in a single-engine plane to visit his father in the canadian wilderness. When the pilot suffers a massive heart attack and dies, Brian must somehow land the plane with only the clothes he has on and a hatchet his mom gave him. Brian must put his thoughts behind him and try to figure out how he can stay alive...