Middle School Weekly Wrap Up

October 5, 2018


In order for us to continue moving forward with development of our MTSS Framework with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU), they require we have 80% of all teachers, family coaches, and administrators complete the survey. The MCIU just emailed me and said we have 292 individuals who completed the survey. This means we only have about 60% who completed it. We have a MTSS Steering Committee meeting scheduled with them next week to begin reviewing the data and planning out what we need to focus on for this year. If we do not have the 80% by tomorrow afternoon, we may have to cancel this meeting.

We know everyone is super busy, but if you have not yet completed this survey, please complete it ASAP!

ALL teachers (general education, special education, specialists), ALL family coaches, and ALL administrators. please make sure to complete by this Friday, October 5.

Here is the survey link: https://www.research.net/r/AgoraStaffMTSS2018

If you have completed it, thank you! It is appreciated.

SDI Reports

We are happy to share that at this time and at the start of each quarter, you will receive a SDI report specific to the special education students you see in your courses! This will help to quickly identify each student’s SDIs without having to pull up their IEP and search through the document. We hope this will be much easier and more valuable in identifying accommodations and modifications for your students.

Keep in mind the following:

  • You continue to be responsible for SDI changes as a result of IEP revisions or annual IEP meetings.
  • Newly enrolled students who have not yet had an Agora IEP developed will not have SDI listed. You will need to follow up with the special education teacher after the IEP meeting with any questions regarding SDI for those students.

Below are the steps for accessing the information:

  1. Click on your SDI link below.
  2. In the top right corner, click on “Open in Excel”
  • Click “enable editing” at the top of the screen.
  • Optional: highlight row #1 and click “Sort and Filter” then “Filter”.
  • You can now manipulate the sheet as you wish.
3. Individual SDIs can be found in column U.

Career Course for Students:

  • All students (Sync & async- along with all special education students level 1-3) are being assigned to a career course in D2L
  • The career course is asynchronous and students will have access starting 10/5
  • It is a pass/fail course so all students must complete the assignments that are given through the course.
  • During the guidance PLT sessions they will discuss the course and the requirements. The first session starts Friday, October 5.
  • Please reference the Friday Guidance Assembly sheet for when your PLT students will meet with guidance. You will also be emailed several days prior to their session so students will only see on PLT link on their schedule.
  • There is a guide in the career course that outlines all general expectations and requirements for the course for students to reference. Please direct them to the guide if they have questions about the course.

Teacher Evaluations:

  • As part of the three year cycle, we will continue to use differentiated supervision to conduct teacher evaluations.
  • We will again use the PA-ETEP system for documentation.
  • All teachers are part of the differentiated supervision three year cycle.
  • Within each three year cycle, teachers had the option of choosing observation or project with the stipulation of at least: 1 year observation and 1 year of project within the three year cycle.
  • Once the 3 year cycle is complete, it starts again with the same requirements.

The 2018/2019 school year is the third year cycle for all teachers.

Group 1: If you have not completed a project, you will be required to do a project.

Group 2: If you have completed two projects, you will be required to do an observation.

Group 3: If you have completed one observation and one project, you will have a choice.

Teachers will all be notified as to which group he/she is enrolled by email. (1, 2, or 3)

More directions will follow once teachers are notified.

Phishing email with with Agoracyber.net email accounts

Some of you have experienced the phishing attacks to your K12 Office 365 email accounts. If you do experience this the first thing to do is reset your TV password using the steps below. In the unfortunate event that the undesirable emails start occurring again you will again need to reset your password. Changing the password seems to stop the issue, I appreciate your patience while K12 continues to look into this matter.

Dates to Remember:

October 8: Staff PD at 3:00 pm (Data Team Time should be used for planning/prep)

October 9: Bridget & Colleen out of the office (MTSS Meeting in KOP)

October 10: Bridget out of the office (Principal Meeting in KOP)

October 29: Asynchronous Day


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