The Power of Six

Pittacus Lore

Brief summary

The book starts with number seven (Marina) living with her guardian (known as a Cepan) Adelina in the Santa Teresa convent in spain. Adelina has settled into the convent life and has convinced herself that the Lorien and Mogadorians are some fairy tale, and now she lives to serve god, not do her duty as Cepan and train Marina. Marina is just starting to understand legacies (Loriens powers that only certain people have i, a Cepan is Lorien, but does not have legacies.) So far she has telekinesis, breathe underwater, and able to heal with her touch. She spends her days going about Convent life, but on sundays, is able to sneak off to a cave where she has stashed food, supplies, and also paints on the wall. She has 3 scars on her ankle which show that 3 of the 9 sent to earth are dead. Number one, two, and three are dead. They can only be killed in numerical order if they stay apart, but if they group together, the charm is broken, and it is fair game. A new girl shows up at the convent, her name is Ella. Marina is immediately fond of the little girl. They soon become friends, and marina learns Ella isn't just an ordinary little girl. In a Turn of events, Ella reveals herself has a 10th lorien sent here after the original 9. Marina, Ella, Ella's friend, and number six fight there way away from an attack by the Mogadoriens, and head back to the united states where John (number four) and number nine have just retrieved there stolen loric chests. John and Number nine were forced to leave johns human friend Sam Goode (whose dad was a greeter and met with the orginial loric who planned for the nine to come here. Sam's Dad, Malcom went missing while he went to the grocery store, All that was found was his glasses on the ground.) The remainder of the Loric gather in Nines apartment, and train.

How i felt about this book


Honestly, i really enjoyed this book. It was a good read overall. It had a good amount of action, a great story line, and a killer cliff hanger for the next book. It kept me entertained, and hooked the whole time wondering what was going to happen next and how the story was going to progress. I rate the book a solid 8.