"I can. I will. End of story."

By Avery Ballard

Is America Really A Dream For All?

Everyone is always mentioning the American dream. It is a true blessing to live here, but does the dream really come true for everyone? Poverty has been increasing since 2010. Even in America. 46.5 out of 318.9 million people live in poverty, and that is just in the US. The state in the US with the most poverty is Mississippi with 20.1% of its people living in poverty. Also the state with the least bit of poverty is New Hampshire with 5.6% of its people living in poverty. Therefore more people in New Hampshire can be living their dream and less people will be living theirs in Mississippi. In conclusion America may be the place to live your dream but not everyone gets a chance to see their dream. As George Carlin once said, “That's why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

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Rumors, Lies, And Football

In the movie Blind Side a black teenage boy named Michael Oher is taken into a home because he was left out on the streets. After being taken in Michael Oher has trouble adjusting to his new surroundings. When he finally adjusts to his surroundings and new life styles he is presented to school and football. Though he did not start off well with either, he ended spectacularly. So many colleges wanted to sign him that he lost count! But he finally decided on the college that his new guardians went to. In the end, that college was a lie which caused more drama. But determined to push through, Oher made it to the NFL

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We Aren't Giving Up

After moving to Texas, a boy named Jacob Ballard was diagnosed with ewing's sarcoma. This cancer was found inside his hip. He was lucky to have moved to Texas before he was diagnosed because the hospital near him specializes in this kind of cancer treatment. Jacob was an amazing soccer player. He had a true passion for soccer. After being diagnosed, the family had to make the decision of taking out part of Jacob’s hip. This had ended Jacob’s soccer career. After the surgery his legs were uneven because without part of his hip it made one of his legs shorter. Jacob has had to learn how to walk again! He started out with a walker, and has slowly moved up to a cane. When he masters walking with his cane he will be able to try and walk on his own. One day Jacob may be able to play soccer again, or be able to run, maybe be in the olympics! But as these changes move along slowly, we aren’t letting go.

A Small But Determined Turtle

We have all heard the story about the turtle and the rabbit. The reason why the turtle won was because the rabbit was over confident and decided he was going to take a nap and wait for the turtle to catch up. If the rabbit woke up in time, the turtle would not have won but that is not the case. As the turtle was approaching the finish line, the rabbit woke up. The turtle was very determined and even though he knew he didn’t have a good chance of winning, he didn’t give up. As the turtle crossed the finish line the crowd went berserk! The excited cheers woke the rabbit and he ran as fast as he could to see what was going on. In the end the slow, small, and determined turtle won the race.
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The Fence Is There For A Reason

In the book and movie Striped Pajamas a young boy named Bruno had many characteristics. Two of which are curiosity and determination. His father worked side by side with Hitler and Bruno had to move to an old home by a concentration camp because of his father's job. Bruno's room window faced the camp and he noticed a long fence surrounding it. He was very determined to find out what was on the other side of the fence and why it was there. He also wanted to know why the men there only had striped pajamas and lived in huts. One day while exploring he found a boy sitting across the fence. It was his opportunity to get some answers. After approaching the boy they talked for a while and became good friends. They met in the same place everyday for a year till Bruno found out he was moving back to his old home. On his last day he decides to go under the fence and explore the camp. His determination paid off! After arguing with many people about the other side of the fence, he finally made it. But sadly, he would not return.

Concentration Camps