Alpha Centauri Bb

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Facts About Ardens

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to us. It is only 4 light years away (25 trillion miles) It would take 40 years to get there, and if your 15 you will be 55 years old when you arrive. If you weigh 115lbs you'll weigh 516,448,080kg on Ardens because g is 11,085,540. Ardens is very different from Earth in ways. Ardens is 3.7 million miles away from its sun, That's 10 times closer than Mercury is to our sun. It's year is equivalent to .008 Earth years (3 days). If your 15 on Earth you are 1,875 years old on Ardens, unlike Earth Ardens has no moons, but similar to Earth it doesn't have any rings either. Ardens' diameter is the same as Earth's at 12,742 kilometers, and its mass is 6.748 x 10^24, is only 1.13 times bigger than earth.


Even though Ardens would be a cool planet to live on it would take some work. Since Ardens is very close to its host star it is extremely hot. Its average temperature is 2,192 degrees. With a temperature this hot most of the surface is mainly lava which is obviously unsuitable for human life. There is a high possibility that their are many volcanos that are really active, because of this intense heat, the atmosphere isn't very sustainable for life either. Most of the atmosphere is made out of carbon dioxide and sulfur.


Our First trip over will not be with anyone, first we have to make the planet suitable for society. We will send out an auto-piolet spacecraft with a massive dome and flooring. We will have multiple robots work to put up the dome and flooring once it arrives. The flooring will be see through so you can still enjoy the planet, and the dome will be vented to ventilate oxygen throughout the towns and cities. The dome will be very tall so it won't be like your inside a bubble. Also, the Dome wont cover all of Ardens. In a few years after we settled we will have a body suit for ever citizen that pumps out oxygen so you can go beyond the dome where there will be resorts and exhibits for your enjoyment.

Fun Facts

  • Ardens is tidally locked, meaning that the same side of the planet always faces its host star
  • there are 3 stars in alpha centauri: alpha centauri A, Alpha centauri B, and Promixa Centauri
  • Ardens is the only planet in the star system