A great adventure

Best space travel agents in the solar system

We have been proven to be the best space travel and tourism agency in the whole of this solar system. If you purchase 2nd class tickets now, you get a free promotion to first class and a guarantee you best service available. Comfortable, fluffy magnetic shoes to keep you down on the ground will be provided. We have a special room dedicated to eating with gravity generators.

Price list

Unbeatable prices here starting at $25,000.

4th class: $25,000

3rd class: $30,000

2nd: $35,000

1st: $40,000

1st and 2nd class will be provided free food and 3rd class will have a 30% discount for all food. 1st class gets the front seats with 3d entertainment.


1. Prepare for liftoff, hand out comfortable magnetic shoes.

2. Lift off

3. Go through a fun ride in a wormhole.

4. Arrive at PSR B1620-26 b and spectate the beautiful landscape

5. Get comfortably frozen and travel to Mars

6. Land on Mars and take a tour around Vallis Marineris.

7. Go back to Earth and tell everyone how much you enjoyed the trip!