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Team Newsletter for the Week of January 1, 2016 - Issue 1


It is a brand new day, and a brand new year and I am SO excited to see what the new year brings to the studio! There are SO many plans and exciting programs in the works!

SPECIAL EVENTS IN JANUARY to brag to guests about:

January 24th - 2PM-6PM - OPEN STUDIO (because you know everyone will ask).

This is also our studio-initiated PAINT IT FORWARD FUNDRAISER for the month of January. Proceeds will be donated to BARC (Bully Rescue & Advocate Collective) Dogs of Hampton Roads, an amazing organization that finds, treats, and reintegrates dogs that have been abused and/or neglected back into the world, finding perfect fur-ever homes for them. The work they do is just incredible.

January 18th - 9AM-3PM - A FROZEN WINTER WORKSHOP - Art Buzz Kids Day Camp

We had very minor success with our Santa's Little Elves Workshop in December, but we did have participants. This month, I'm hoping to gain even more kiddos as we hold a workshop that is all things know...THAT movie. :)


May the force be with us since I posted this class that I'm hoping will sell out with a wait list so that we can do an encore of it in March!

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Sign In Process

This is the process that every guest goes through upon walking through the door. It is imperative (to ensure that everyone has paid, to add to our newsletter database, and especially for accurate records when we begin serving wine) to make sure that EVERY guests signs in.

Typically, I will put the guest list--of those who registered online--either inside of the sign in clipboard or on the back of the sign in page. Please always compare the list of who is signing in to who registered online as this will determine if there are any walk-ins that we need to get payment from. In addition, guests also call in their reservations and many times need to pay at the door as well.

GROUPONS - for those of you unfamiliar with how to redeem these. If a guest does not provide you with their printed Groupon, ask them to pull up their Groupon account on their smartphone. When they do, they will either hand it over to you or let you watch as they redeem it. If you are redeeming it, you simply click on the Wine & Design Groupon, then click "voucher" or "view voucher." It will provide another option to click "mark as used" or "mark as redeemed" and you will select yes and then "I'm sure" when it asks. Make sure you complete the entire process and a red "REDEEMED" stamp will them appear across the Groupon. This will ensure that the guest will not be able to attempt to use the Groupon again, (which, sadly, does happen).

Paintings for your Consideration...

Paint Distribution

I have noticed a lot of plates going to guests with massive amounts of paint on them. Please, pretty please, be aware of how much paint you are distributing at the beginning of a class. As we teach our guests, less is more and we can ALWAYS give them more...but we cannot (unless we want to be there for an additional hour after class) salvage all of the paint that is not being used at the end of a class. Let's all be cognizant of this so that we are wasting less paint, please! And just think of it this way--we're all crossing off our resolution to get more exercise with the extra running around that comes with getting guests additional paint! Win, win! :)

It's Official!

Classes that have officially made as of this week:

BLUE LAGOON - 1.5 - Brandy

DOWNTOWN CHARM - 1.21 - Cathy

GIRL BEAUTY - 1.16 - Cathy

This Week's Words of Wisdom

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See you soon, friends!