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By Ahilesh V. and Company

Interview With Jenna Fox

Jenna Angeline Fox is a 277-year old teenage girl who survived a deadly car accident with the help of Bio Gel. Here our chief interviewer prepares an interview with Jenna Fox herself.

Q: What brought you here to Boston?

A: When my daughter Kayla was of age, I was going to move here.
Q: How did you survive "The Accident?"

A: Me living came at a cost. My memory crisis caused me to remember keys flying through the air, with my fingers outstretched directly after it. At first I thought I was catching the keys to my new car which I wasn't supposed to drive yet. Then I realized I was throwing the keys, throwing them to my best friend Kara, who had a license an could drive. Me, Kara and Locke, my other best friend, drove to a party. But we left in a hurry, seeing as there was an initial rush. I threw the keys to Kara and we started driving. None of us saw the curb up ahead, and the car skidded into a crash.

BT: Sounds like a terrible situation.

Jenna: It gets worse. The car toppled right of a cliff and hit the rocky ground below. Locke went flying from the car when we fell, and he passed when he hit the ground. Kara and I barely survived, but we were found and put on life support. But Kara's family removed life support, and she passed too. My parents operated on me with Bio Gel. The only part of me that isn't Bio Gel is the center of my brain/the pons/the butterfly.

Q: How did you find out about said Bio Gel?

A: Well, The only place I've ever told that story is in my bestselling book, The Adoration of Jenna Fox, But seeing as this is a very unpopular newspaper (whispers sorry to interviewer) I'll go ahead and tell it.

I was in my mothers room, bless her soul, looking for things that might help me remember my past. I came across a laptop with my name on it. I tried to pull the laptop from the metal bracket it was secured in, but I cut my hand on it. I ran to the bathroom and saw blue gel, synthetic bone and maybe even some scrap metal underneath the cut. I consulted my parents, and they told me.

Q: What kind of people did you meet in your school?

A: Well, there was Allys, my current best friend. When she was 17, she had fake arms and legs, even though they looked so real. My parents used the Bio Gel to save Allys after she got a terrible disease where all of her organs began to shut down. After she was transfused with Bio Gel, she became like me. A 200 year old person that looks just like a teenager. She also got real arms and legs. Then there is Dane. I always found him kind of creepy, even now in my thoughts. Everyone seemed to hate him, and I could see why. He had unusual white hair, and he insulted people a lot, mainly Ethan, my good friend, or, my, umm...(blushes). He had black hair and he always comforted me when I thought things were at their worst. Gabriel was a very thin kid, nonetheless he was my friend. And Dr. Rae, or Rae as she preferred to be called, was the main teacher-collaborator. She was the person who always found interesting things to do.

Q: We noticed that in your book, you included some gray pages. What did those pages mean?

A: Those pages display my thoughts, feelings and what I learned and figured out. I singled them out as the "gray pages" because I find them important.

Q: How did you feel at the beginning of your book, when you didn't know who you were?

A: I must say, I felt like I meant nothing. How would you feel if you didn't know who you were, what your purpose in life was... (wipes tear from face) It would make you feel terrible wouldn't it? I'm glad that lots of people didn't have to go through what I went through... (Begins to wipe more tears from eyes)

Q: (Hands tissue to Jenna) What was Mr. Bender like?

A: (Promptly dabs at eyelashes) Mr. Bender was a really nice person. He did all kinds of artwork which I found somewhat strange at first, but I eventually came to like them. Pine Serpent was my favorite. He even got some birds to pose with the pine needle snake. I even kept it safe in the middle of Mr. Bender's garden back in California. I water it everyday and admire it with Allys briefly. (Smiles)

Q: Were your parents nice to you?

A: We had our disagreements, but for the most part they were very kind and loving towards me.

Q: Did you like watching the disks of your life?

A: Yes. Lots of them were very happy and showed how happy I was. I especially liked Disk 7. I made Father a cake with Mother's help. My Nana, Lily, was filming. The cake was blue, my favorite color. It was the best cake ever! I couldn't remember it for a while, but when I remembered the taste and the happiness, it was one of the best things I had ever experienced!

Q: Do you miss anyone in your new life?

A: I miss everybody! I can't even express how much I miss them, so I'll just list who I miss:
Mr. Bender
Even Dane!
* *Allys is not on this list because she is still alive.

Q: This one is kind of a random question. Would you rather have everyone that you listed be alive, but you don't remember anymore? Or keep things as they are now?

A: Hmm. I'm not sure. I wish it would be possible to do both, but it's not, unfortunately.


FSEB policy change EXPOSED!

The FSEB (Federal Science Ethics Board) Changes Its Policies on What it Means to be Human

All the time, the FSEB has been deciding whether you are a human or not. But 20 anonymous individuals spent their time putting a stop to this. They rebelled against the FSEB and won. Here are their new policies:
Humans shall be anything that is considered human by observation. Bio Gel means nothing in the society now because it is eventually going to be widely used. If a person that is under the age of 21 is suffering from a disease that can be fixed by Bio Gel, it will be used on them.


In honor of Locke Jenkins
Cause of death: Being thrown from a car falling off of a cliff
Locke was Jenna's good friend who, along with Kara, kept forcing Jenna to remember what she had to. Locke was in Jenna's car with her, but he was thrown from the car when it skidded off of a high cliff. He plummeted to the ground below. Locke was an important person because he was helping Jenna survive, even after he was dead.

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