Information on Saxophones

Saxophone Research Paper

Numerous people from all over the world play the Saxophone. People have been playing Saxophone for about 150 years (Saxophone Players Guide). It takes a strong motivation to make a Saxophone and many parts too.

First, Antoine- Joseph, also known as Adolphe Sax, wanted to make the Saxophone because he wanted it to have a tone like a Clarinet, but he wanted the sound of it to be like a brass instrument, the Trumpet (The- Also, “ In 1840, Sax decided to construct an instrument that would fulfill the middle range sound of a military band (The-” Because Sax learned how to make instruments from his father, this contributed to him creating the Saxophone (Saxophone Players Guide). Sax finally created his woodwind instrument in the year 1846 (Saxophone Players Guide). Lastly, the Saxophone became the only wood wind instrument not made out of wood, but it is still considered a woodwind instrument because it is played like a clarinet, even though, it is made mostly out of brass (Saxophone Players Guide).

Second, it took many parts for Adolphe Sax to create the Saxophone. To begin making the Saxophone, Sax needed a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where he would blow into to produce sound. He also needed a reed. The reed, which is made from bamboo, is supposed to be on the mouthpiece, and it vibrates to produce sound. Sax also necessitated a ligature, which keeps the reed stay put on the mouthpiece. In addition, in order for Sax to make his instrument, he had to have a crook. The crook of the Saxophone is the part that joins the mouthpiece to the main body of the Saxophone. Then, Sax put the keys on the main body of the instrument. The keys would create different sounds of the Saxophone, if he pressed on them. After everything was put together, Sax gave his instrument a nice polish. As a result, “ His new instrument would have the tone quality of a woodwind instrument and the power of a brass ” (Advameg).

Overall, many people from around the globe enjoy Sax’s instrument, the Saxophone. People have been using his creation for about 150 years now. Sax just needed a strong motivation, and numerous amounts of parts too, to make his Saxophone.

My Life With My Saxophone

I couldn’t believe it. Another record deal company said no to me. At the time, I thought I was a failure. Some of the companies said I wasn’t good at playing Saxophone, and some others said I was just plain terrible. As a result of this, I was broke, starving, and my life was an utter mess. I wanted to quit Saxophone, at the time, but I tried one last thing. Antoine- Joseph, also known as Adolphe Sax, the guy who created the Saxophone, had a record-deal company (Saxophone Players Guide). He gave me a chance to audition for him, and I was very grateful for that. About 5 minutes later, he told me that I wasn’t that good, but he still was going to give me a record deal, because he saw potential in me. When he said that, I lit up with glee! I was exploding with happiness! This decision of his, was a true miracle for me.

He pronounced to me, "You can only work with me if I can make you a Saxophone."

I was perfectly fine with that, and I couldn’t believe that Adolphe was going to make me a customized mouthpiece, reed, crook and a customized main body.(Advameg). I was also going to get lessons from him to learn how to play the Saxophone, which was even better. This was the moment that was going to turn my life around. Because of this, I was motivated to continue playing the Saxophone. On the first day of my lessons, I was flabbergasted by how my Saxophone sounded and how it looked. For a few minutes, I just stared in awe. The reed was vibrating very nicely, and the keys were moving so freely (Advameg). The tone of it was very warm and appealing (Advameg). The sound was like heaven to my ears. In addition, the mouthpiece was gleaming, and the keys were so shiny that I could see my own reflection in it (Advameg). On top of all of that, the Saxophone had a very nice polish to it (Advameg). Adolphe was such an exceptional teacher. Whenever he played the Saxophone, to show me how to play something, I felt like I was dreaming. Once in awhile, he told me some secrets about himself. One of them was was that, he created the Saxophone just so he could fulfill a middle range sound of a military band (The- Another important thing about the Saxophone that he told me was that, when he was making the Saxophone, he wanted it to have a tone like the Clarinet and the power of a Brass instrument (The- Those facts were very captivating fact to know. 5 years later, I was performing everywhere with my clarinet-like tone and Brass-like power instrument (The- Countries all over the world asked me if I could include them in my world tour. I even got to perform in a few Super Bowls’. Sometimes, Antoine and I performed together in a few concerts. At the end of each concert, the crowd's cheer was so loud it felt lime my ear was about to come off. In addition, Jay Leno invited me to come and talk on his show. I really enjoyed my time on his show.

One time Antoine expressed to me, " I am very proud of you Neal. I am so happy for your success. I hope you stay successful for the rest of your life."

I have never forgotten that moment to this day. I went from becoming a failure to a superstar because of Antoine-Joseph.

Beautiful things about the Saxophone

I love every single part of the Saxophone.

I love its beautiful curved shape (Advameg)

to its wonderful and delicate mouthpiece (Advameg).

I love the Saxophone’s beautiful sound.

I love its clarinet tone and its Brass-like power (The-

It’s wonderful Jazz sound (The-

motivated me to learn how to play it.

Whenever I feel sad or mad,

Or whenever I am stressed out about something,

I just play the Saxophone,

and it makes me feel blissful.

I love the Saxophone,

and it is a part of who I am.

Letter To My Dad

506 Lollipop Lane Austin,TX

Date: 3/28/1847

507 Rainbow Lane

Dear Dad:

I have some exciting news for you! I, Antoine-Joseph, have finally made the Saxophone! I have been working on this instrument for numerous amounts of years, now. Thanks to you, I made the Saxophone! When I was younger, you were the one who taught me how to make other instruments, and I am very thankful for that (Saxophone Players Guide). My experience from making other instruments helped me to make the Saxophone (Saxophone Players Guide). Also, I am going to send you a Saxophone, so you can see how it is like. Before I send it to you, I am going to tell you a little about my new creation. First, I made it to fulfill a middle range sound of a military band (The- Second, I made it have a tone like a Clarinet and the power of a Brass (The- In addition, I needed a mouthpiece (Advameg). To produce tone, I blow into it and then there is a reed that vibrates to produce that tone (Advameg). Then, there is a crook, which attaches to the main body (Advameg). The main body has keys, which you can press on to change the note the note that you are playing (Advameg). On top of all that, my Saxophone has a nice polish to it that makes it shiny (Advameg)! Whenever I play Jazz music, it sounds like Heaven to my ears. Dad, I just know that many years from now, people from all over the world will be using my instrument for their purposes. My instrument is going to be huge! Also, whenever you are mad or happy, you can just play my instrument. The music you are playing can reflect the emotion you are feeling, at the time. To me, that’s cool. I hope you like my new creation, and dad, I hope you and mom are very proud of me. Have fun using your new Saxophone!