Technology and Education

Technology- benefits

We can use tech for health, because we can find new treatments and help sick people with diseases such as cancer. Years ago you could not fix it but now we can. we can use it for educational purposes too, such as an essay. Work, many jobs require technology. My father works in a hospital and he uses computers to find data. Help, Let's say you need to make nachos but you don't know how. The internet may help you with that! Defense. we need technology to protect our country. We wouldnt have all our defenses if it wasn't for technology. Finally Entertainment. Lots of kids and adults around the world may play a video game or watch TV. Whether its a Wii U,Xbox,PS4,CPU, or 3DS you probably have played or heard of one.

Issues with Technology

There are a lot of positives with technology, but there are some deltas too. For one if a Terrorist group got too advanced technology they could do some bad things. Sometimes Kids are so focused on beating "Call of duty" so much that they forget to learn in school. Another problem is a younger kid could stumble upon something scary or inappropriate online.

Education benefits

Education is a very good thing. We need education for almost everything in the world. First, you need some form of education for a job. If you work at NASA, I don't think you can control or help with rockets without knowing anything. Education is important for safety too. Let's say a friend says eat this. If you are educated you may know if it's bad or okay to eat. Finally we have lifestyle. If you are not educated you can't cook, and even if you have a recipe if you're not educated you can't read it.

Some problems with Education

There are not any straight up problems with education but there are a few issues with it. One major issue is that some kids around the world can't go to school. Like in some places in Africa, south america, the middle east and some other places children can't go to school whether they don't have the money or there isn't one around. Thats bad because They can't get a good job so they can't make money to feed themselves or there family.
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Solutions to Technology problems

Technology has problems so there are some solutions to them too.

For one Kids and scary or inappropriate things. Parents should pay more attention to what their children are playing or viewing. I think this goes for playing too much too. If you pay attention you can tell them when to stop. Unfortunately the final one is not so simple. You can't decide that a group doesn't get technology or not. All you can do is try harder and try to advance above them.

Solutions to Education issues

I think they should make some more schools in less fortunate places. At least one free school or two per town. It could be costly but how will those places get education? Their future would be better. The future leaders won't be their in that place if you don't help. I know that some immigration does not work. Like now we can't let Syrians in because terrorists may get in. And believe me I HATE terrorists, and I do agree not to let them in and I understand people who don't agree with me. But all the children with no education is sad. But sometimes you can't help it. The schools could be hard to pull off, its costly and they could have terrorists get in the schools or they could get very educated and maybe even help terrorists. But I'm sure on day this will end and they can learn like any other kid.

The End :)