Natural Disaster

Purpose = Inform


"" N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2015.


I chose this website because it helps you prepare for risks against natural disasters. It is an official website of the Department of Homeland Security and is constantly updated so it can be trusted.The website's purpose is to inform you about the weather and measures to take against it. The website is also not too complex and can be navigated through easily.

Database Article

Non-Fiction Book


Sullivan, Robert, ed. Nature's Fury: The Illustrated History of Wild Weather & Natural Disasters. New York: Time Home Entertainment, 2008. Print.


I chose this book because it tells about the history of natural disasters up until 2008. It was edited by Robert Sullivan and published by Time Inc. Home Entertainment. Robert Sullivan, Managing Editor of LIFE Books, has written for Sports Illustrated, TIME and LIFE, beginning in 1980. It was published in 2008 so the data in the book could be slightly outdated. The author's purpose is to inform. This book tells about a lot about natural disasters until 2008.

Coastal Areas in the Eye of the Storm

Hutter, Carollyne. "Coastal Areas in the Eye of the Storm." Odyssey Apr. 2014: 13. Student Resources in Context. Web. 16 Nov. 2015.


This article tells how a hurricane can do lots of damage to coastal areas. The author is Carollyne Hutter and is published by Odyssey. Carollyne, for over a decade has publications for clients. She has written, edited and managed newsletters, fact sheets, brochures, etc. It was published in April, 2014, so the information is fairly recent. The author's purpose is to inform. The article is very easy to read and understand.

Search Strategy

I found the article "Coastal areas in the eye of the storm" by browsing topics in the gale database. I opened 'Natural Disasters' and opened the magazine articles. I then sorted them through content level and scrolled down a bit. I then found the article.

Student Choice(Database Article)

Database Article

The Case of the Deadly Lake: What Are Limnic Eruptions?

Hagler, Gina. "The Case of the Deadly Lake: What Are Limnic Eruptions?" Odyssey 2014: 18. Student Resources in Context. Web. 16 Nov. 2015.


I chose this article because it tells us about the danger of limnic eruptions. The author’s name is Gina Hagler and is published by the Odyssey. Gina writes about science, technology, history, health and business for children and adults. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications and has received a number of awards. It was published in 2014 so the data is not too outdated. The authors purpose was to inform. This article is good because it is easy to read.