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June 2012

The Skinny on the SAT

Well, the SAT examinations are officially over for this season. You will be able to take the SAT again beginning in October! For those of you who are in 11th/1st PUC, it is the perfect time to start planning your testing schedule. For students in 12th/2nd PUC who are planning to apply to U.S. universities this fall, be sure that you either (a) have a SAT score that you are satisfied with or (b) are preparing to take the exam again!

You have almost 4 months to study, so there are no excuses! Charis at decided to use her love of cooking to help her learn - and use - all that darned SAT vocabulary. You can watch one of her cooking demos below.

Tell us: What tips and tricks do you use to study for the SAT? We will feature your comments in the next IKC newsletter!
SATgourmet: Carrot Cake Demo

College Countdown

The Common Application opens August 1. Most U.S. universities start accepting applications for admission around this time, as well.

If you are in your final year of senior secondary school or PUC in India and want to pursue your higher education in the U.S., are you on the right track?

At this point, you should be exploring your university options. What do you want to study? Will you double major? What part of the U.S. is attractive to you?

Contact the IKC for tools to guide you in finding the right-fit university!

IKC Updates

New Partners!

The IKC would like to welcome two new university partners that have joined in the past month!

The University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska) is one of the nation's leading teaching institutions and a leader in international research. They also offer scholarships up to $12,284/year for incoming international students upon admission!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott, Arizona) offers world-class education in aviation and aerospace. In Spring 2013, they will be launching 3 new B.S. degrees in Astronomy, Cyber Intelligence and Security, and Software Engineering with an emphasis in Cybersecurity.

Scholarship News!

The University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa) is happy to announce the new India Scholars Award for first-year students from India. The award is valued at $1,500/year for up to 4 years, and students are eligible upon admission.

Millikin University
(Decatur, Illinois) is excited to offer several tiers of merit-based scholarship to deserving students coming from India:
  • Two $25,000 Scholarships (renewable annually)
  • Two $20,000 Scholarships (renewable annually)
  • Unlimited $15,000 Scholarships (renewable annually)

Alfred University (Alfred, New York) will award up to $15,000 to deserving Indian students; this award is granted according to holistic evaluation and is renewable annually.

Upcoming Events!

The IKC will be hosting U.S. Universities in Bangalore on August 25 and September 8. Save the date, and keep your eyes open for more information!

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