February 9, 2021

Staying Logged Into Google Drive

While students have linked their Schoology with their Google Drive account, it is best for students to also have a tab open and ensure they are logged into Google Drive. This will allow all access to Google assignments and not have a permission issue.

Messaging Teachers

Students may message their teacher right within Schoology. To message a teacher:

  1. Click on the course.
  2. Click members on the left.
  3. There will be a gear next to the teacher's name to the right.
  4. Click the gear and choose send message.

Students may check messages sent to them by clicking the envelope icon at the top right of their Schoology screen.

Viewing Work Already Submitted In Schoology

It has been brought up to Schoology about assignments still appearing in their "upcoming" even though they have completed it. This is so a student can still make changes before the actual due date. Once the due date/time has been reached it will be removed from their upcoming. If they have not completed it, it will then fall in the "Overdue" category. This is definitely different from Google Classroom and after much talk they said we can put in a ticket to request that feature change although many other districts requested this as well. I asked if they did have a timeline or are going to change that feature since districts are requesting it but they did not have an answer as of yet if they are.

In the meantime to help view what your child has completed, go to the grades tab on the left in the course. Open the current nine weeks folder. They will see if anything has been submitted there. It will show an icon for what has been completed if they turned it in. If they do not show an icon, they can click on that assignment name to then take them to the assignment to complete.

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Parent Portal

There is a parent portal offered in Schoology. However the parent portal has not been turned on as of yet. We are giving time to support teachers and students in learning the system before parent portal will be turned on so that we can fully support everyone in the implementation of Schoology.

Student Help

If a student needs help, they can email and someone in the technology department will be able to assist them with their technology needs. We also have "Live Help" every Tuesday and Thursday in the technology department by appointment only from 4:00-6:00. Please call the technology department or email to make an appointment.