Focus Our Future

Letter from the Superintendent: July 9, 2019

2019-2020 Unified Improvement Plan

Summer is a great time for reflection and focus. Knowing this, I wanted to take a moment to inform you of some exciting news for the upcoming school year.

As a district, we have made a commitment to be intentional about supporting teachers and students at the building level, within PLC teams, as well as at the individual teacher level. We are committed to providing instructional coaches and support for teams, as well as developing team leaders and mentors.

The district has been able to reorganize its FTE (full-time equivalent) staffing to blend in instructional coaching and support positions when these natural openings occur.

The shift has been slow but steady, with the goal that we can sustain these foundational positions for the long haul. We have added staff as directed by the Mill Levy override for mental health services and support and special needs as warranted.

Additionally, as part of this alignment, we have decided as an administration team to move the district Gifted and Talented position into the buildings with a designated coordinator in each building to work with MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) teams to provide more directed and timely programming with Lazlo Hunt as the director of the PK-12 program. As a result of this reorganization, we have been able to repurpose the FTE monies that were allocated for the district G/T position to provide an instructional coaching position for the district to better support more teachers at all levels.

A look at our 2019-2020 Major Improvement Strategies

Personalize Professional Learning for Teachers

The district develops a plan for personalizing the professional learning of teachers based on talent and need.

Culturally Responsive Teaching and EL Learners

Teachers define culturally-responsive teaching and identify promising practices. Teachers partner with students and families to support plans for English Language Learners in the 4 language domains areas.

Global Outcome Implementation

Teachers in the district implement and share Global Outcome performance assessments.

High Impact Professional Learning Communities

PLCs are driven by goals and have high impact on instruction focusing on student learning, assessment, and feedback for students to improve learning.

Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Learning

Schools implement Tier 1 SEL curriculum and restorative practices, and Tier 2 and 3 supports for students to improve behavior, attendance, and social and emotional wellness.

How will we support these major improvement strategies?

We have changed and realigned some of the roles of our talented staff members to put these major improvement strategies into action for the upcoming school year. Here are some of those changes:


Ruby Bode, Assistant Superintendent

Ruby will assume responsibility for our District Unified Improvement Plan and work with administrators and leadership teams across the district to implement action plans in our buildings. She will support the implementation of our Global Outcomes and support the development of PLCs in achieving high impact. Click here to learn more.


Erin Miller, K-12 Director of Innovation and Instruction

Erin will assume responsibility for leading a team of instructional coaches to increase personalized professional learning for teachers throughout our District. She will support the professional development needs in our buildings and facilitate the improvement of instruction and innovation in our District. Click here to learn more.


Anne Dewey, K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator/Media Specialist

Anne will be a member of our district coaching team, and support teachers with job-embedded professional learning and support for learning technology as well as software, digital apps, and curriculum resources in the classroom. She will increase each building's capacity to effectively use instructional technology, communication, and support the libraries throughout the district. Click here to learn more.

Sonja Greenway, Instructional Coach

Sonja will be a member of our district coaching team and support teachers with job-embedded professional learning. She will increase the ability for teachers to receive job-embedded professional learning and support teachers in finding solutions to their problem of practice. Click here to learn more.

Jon Anderson, Instructional Coach

We are pleased to announce that Jon Anderson has accepted the position of K-12 coach for our district. Jon has been a coach for three years and is trained on the Knight Model of Instructional Coaching that we are currently implementing. He brings a wealth of training and knowledge from his time at Eagle Rock, and he has most recently been employed as an instructional coach in the Mapleton School District. Jon will be able to hit the ground running with his experience with problem-based learning, community-based learning, and standards-based grading as well as outdoor education, and wellness initiatives. Please welcome Jon to our team!