Big Island Rendezvous



I woke up on Friday morning and I was so excited because I knew we were going to Big Island Rendezvous.I got to school and we got on the bus my partner was Alexis so we sat by each other.We rode the bus all the way to Albert Lea, Minnesota from Clear Lake, Iowa I got bored.We finally got there, so we got off and the buses got the parents.We all put coats on when we waited for our parents.

We got to go to the Tomahawks first, I gotta through 2 Tomahawks (hatchet) It was AMAZING! It was a guys there birthday and he was helping us use the Tomahawk, we sang him happy birthday.Then we went to the Horner station he made a lot of things out of Buffalo horn. He made a lot of useful stuff, he even could make a toy!Then we went to the pirate station, he tried to cut off Mr.E’s head.The we got to see real shipwreck treasure. Then we went and ate lunch, and went shopping.While shopping I got a fan, a ring, 3 candy canes, and a bor tooth necklaces,for my brother.Then we went to a candle making station, we got to make small candles, they smelled so good!I got to get an apple for 25 cents it was good.Then we went to a wood carver he talked about nate of america's and his wood carvings,people call him the woodpecker.

Then we rode the bus back, but there was only like 8 people on the bus.There was only like 8 people because almost everyone rod back with their parents.On the way back Mr.E and I played checkers on my phone.Then we got back and my dad picked up my brother and I.

The End!

Big Island Rendezvous 2012