The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

BY: Aleia Mosley

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Lucy -a generous little girl who is very smart

Edmund- a greedy little boy who is tempted by the Witch's Turkish Delight

Susan- a little girl who is curious and somewhat smart

Peter-a little boy who is very smart and has glasses

white witch-a malicious witch who is very pretty

mr.tumas-a faun who works for the white which

the dwarf-a little person who is always up to no good

aslan-a lion who is a king of Narnia

mrs.beaver-a beaver who is very sweet and shy

mr.beaver a beaver who is shy and always frightened by strangers


  • In chapter 13 the setting is the White Witch's castle.
  • In chapter 14 the setting is the woods outside the white witch's castle.
  • In chapter 15 the setting is the dark woods.

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Chapter 13: Deep Magic From the the Dawn of Time

The witch was getting ready to kill Edmund but , he was resued by Aslan the Edmund talls his brothers and sisters hes sorry.They forgive Edmund. The White Witch requests to speak to Aslan. Aslan says she can come and speak to him. The White Witch asks Aslan if he had forgotten about "the Deep Magic". The Deep Magic was written on the Table of Stone and says that any traitor belongs to the witch and she can kill them. If the traitor isn't given to the witch, Narnia will burn up in a fire. Aslan says he wants to speak to the witch alone, and the two of them go on a walk. When they come back, Aslan tells everyone that Edmund does not belong to the White Witch.
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Chapter 14 The Triumph of the Witch

When the witch left, Aslan said, "We must move from this place at once." Aslan warns Peter that the Witch would probably start a war.

Lucy tells Susan that Aslan looks sad. The girls go look for Aslan, and they see him walking sadly into the woods. They follow Aslan, and he sees them. He tells them he feels sad and lonely, and he is glad they are with him. After walking for a while, he tells them they cannot walk with him anymore.

Aslan walks to the Stone Table, and the girls spy on him through the woods. They see the White Witch tie Aslan up. Then the witch's followers tied him up and shave off his mane and all his hair. The White Witch then kills Aslan.

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Lucy and Susan are very sad and are crying because Aslan is dead. After the Witch leaves the stone table, they go to Aslan, and hug him.

It's a miracle, but Aslan comes back to life. The girls worry he is a ghost, but he says he is not. He tells the girls to get on his back - they were going to go to the witch's castle.

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