Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Alissa


In the early gold rush period, some women were diggers, some women would pan for gold. Some women were entertainers and some were acters on the stage. Some women were singers and dancers. Some women took care of their children. Some women were shopkeepers.


Some women were shopkeepers on the goldfields. In the early years of the goldrush some women went digging with their husbands. Some were shopkeepers and they sold jam, flour, sugar, blankets and tents. Some women had to take care of their shop because bushrangers might steal some gold of their shop.


On the goldfields there were people that had dieseas. Also women were giving birth to their children with no medical help. On the goldfields women and children died because there was only one doctor on the goldfields. Many people had dioherrea and people died because they did'nt have medicine. People were so sick that they had to go to the toilet and they didn't have any toilets like us these days they had to go to the toilets in a hole. There were alot of diseases on the goldfields.


During the goldfields some children died .Some children went to school. There were up to 95 children for every one teacher. Also the teachers had only a blackboard and they got the chalk from England. Most children did'nt have an education. There were more boys then girls at school. Schools weer tents. The roof was made with canvas material. Some children did'nt like going to school so they stayed with their parents to find gold.