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Why do a background check in Georgia?
The straightforward answer is you never know. You should not get too comfortable simply because a baby sitter or a care giver talks sweet. Performing a little background checking can be done quickly plus anonymously on just about everyone we meet.

What tools do I have for carrying out a free background check in Georgia?
Local state and county public record repositories are the answer. Generally all state and county public record information could be looked over at no cost. Among the positives for utilizing official state and county data sources is they are free and also direct. An important draw back in spite of this is the data is exclusively based on targeted locations and departments. Depending on what you need to view a local search alone will work. However to see a far more complete public records document; you'll need to conduct a nationwide check. A more complete records check should be done using a web page like get started with a no cost people scan.
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Georgia Public Records: Open Georgia is a gateway for obtaining information and key documents about how the State of Georgia spends tax dollars and other revenues to provide services to Georgians. The information maintained on this site comes from various state agencies and is updated annually -

Georgia Court Records: County based this portal is for DeKalb County -

Georgia Criminal Records and Arrest Records: Georgia criminal history records can usually be obtained from Sheriff's Office or Police Departments. Please contact a Georgia law enforcement agency about specific requirements for obtaining a copy of your Georgia criminal history record or go to the Georgia Felon Search -

Georgia Vital Records: Vital records and vital events are defined as birth, death, fetal deaths (stillbirth), induced termination of pregnancy, marriage and divorce certificates and reports. Georgia Code Chapter 31-10, and Georgia Department of Public Health Regulation 511-1-3 specify the scope and authority of the Georgia vital records program -