Tips and Tricks for Success

GaVS Mathematics Course

Top Ten Tips for Class

Don't feel overwhelmed about learning online. This may be a new way of learning for you. It's a different way of learning than the traditional classroom. There are lots of benefits to being a more independent learner. Below are some suggestions for working in our online class that will increase the chance for a successful semester.
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Print Your Syllabus and Schedule

Just like your traditional classroom, the online classroom has a daily agenda. This helps you to stay on track and complete modules and assignments in order. Be sure to print your assignment calendar and refer to it daily. For a feeling of accomplishment, strike through each assignment you complete and submit.

It is best to submit work daily or every other day to receive timely feedback from your instructor. All work must be submitted by midnight on the orange Friday due dates.

The calendar is located in the Course Information box on the right side of our main class homepage. For Spring and Fall semester, look for blue links titled 18, 16, 14 or 12 weeks. for Summer semester look for 6 or 5 weeks. The schedule/calendar is located at the bottom of the syllabus.

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Attend Weekly Live Help Chat

Sometimes there is no substitute for a question and answer session with your instructor during our weekly synchronous session. This is a time to practice assignments and answer questions directly.

The time and link to the weekly Help session can be accessed under Course Information Widget on the right side of your course homepage.

If you are unable to attend the live session, recordings are posted under User Links for your reference throughout the semester.

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Print Notes

So maybe your learning style tends to be more kinesthetic. One helpful way to make the content more engaging is to print off the modules and use a highlighter or pen to make notations. This certainly isn't the high-tech approach, but the best part is you will be making a notebook to reference

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Do the practice and check Answers before taking Quiz and Test

This suggestion sounds simple but it is easy to rush through the content when you are trying to meet a deadline. The self assessment inline learning activities (these are the self-check, dragNdrop, sorting, and crossword activities). By practicing these items, you are preparing yourself for the quiz or test. Take your time and try, try again until you feel comfortable with the material. Some of the practices are located at the side bar. If the answers are not provided, you can check with the teacher.

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Study Time

It's important to plan for adequate time to complete your online lessons. Just like your traditional classes, you should work everyday Monday - Friday. If you are in the AB course, you should dedicate 1.5 hours of class work time each school day. If you are in the A or B course, you should dedicate 1 hour of class work time each school day. Remember that you should also plan for 30 minutes of homework time after school a couple of times a week as well. These are the minimum suggestions. Try hard to follow this plan. Avoid distractions like doing homework for another class or surfing the internet.

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Check Grade comment Daily

In online class, grade is updated daily once teacher graded your work. Checking grade daily can help improve your grade. Always look to the right side of the grade for teacher comments. Sometime teacher need you to make correction or resubmit a file. Teacher will also put comment next to items that is past due and you forgot to turn in. So, CHECK YOUR GRADE FEEDBACK DAILY
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Read your Feedback and Check your Mistakes.

When your traditional teacher returns a graded test, he/she goes over your mistakes. This is an important part of the learning process. You can also access your graded quizzes and tests. Review your missed items and email me with any questions (see directions above.) You should also check feedback from Dropbox items and discussion reply from teacher. Please take necessary action to get a better grade.

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Check GaVS Email Daily

In online class, since you can't see your teacher, it is important that we keep a consistent communication daily. Teacher communicate important information via Email. So, check and read all of the emails from your teacher. Response to the email when asked. You should also check your pager and read your grade book feedback. Below is way you can communicate with your teacher.
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Read all Course News Items

In online class, teacher deliver important updates via News items. If you don't read them, you miss up all of the information that can help you to become successful in online course. This is a list of items that could be under News item.

a. Due items reminder

b. Live Chat reminder

c. Assignment correction

d. Live Chat recording links

e. Extra tutorial or resource to help

f. Clarification on Mistake happen in content or quiz

g. Extra credit or Bonus point opportunity

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In your traditional class, you would raise your hand to ask a question. Sending Your teacher an email is the same as raising your hand. Feel free to send me any and all questions about our course, assignments, lessons, etc. I am here to help you. Be proactive. I respond to all emails Monday- Friday within 24 hours - and your questions are important to me. I do have lots of students, so if you don't hear back (this rarely happens, but just in case), email me again. I will provide individualized feedback, pinpoint areas of weakness, make suggestions and offer clarification with examples.

Does this help you get started in our course? Email me now to let me know