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Term 2 - Week 2 - Friday 24th April 2020

From the Principal's Desk…

Newsletter Term 2 Week 2

Welcome to a very different term – we are now in our second week of remote learning and some of our glitches have been solved (not all).

I would like to thank everyone – our students, our staff and most of all our parents and carers for the support we have received during this time. It has been a stressful transition for all concerned.

The focus of the newsletter this week is on the positives. We know this has been a stressful time for everyone so we thought positivity is the way forward.

Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey on dojo, that information will give us direction of how we need to tweak our programs to further meet the needs of our students.

Many of our staff follow a teaching site that has been publishing lots of information regarding remote learning. A survey was also conducted there and parents were asked to give three words to describe their remote learning experience. The results were put into a word cloud generator (this can be heaps of fun to do). This is the result. The larger the word the more it was mentioned.


Our teachers would like to give awards to certain students for their creativity, persistence, resilience and support of others during our transition to remote learning.

Troy is nominating Denzel Parsons (5/6S) for a Community award. He has been absolutely fantastic in helping other students out where possible. He’s been sharing links of the work, our Webexes as well as just generally asking if anyone needs any help.

Chris has nominated Liam Watt. He has made a great start to online learning, he has been fully involved in our class chat, has completed all of his work and has been able to assist other students. Great Effort!!

Marlene has nominated two students in 5/6W for Community Awards to Kailee Short and Emily Anderson-Hunter. They have helped out with students who have asked questions on Google Classroom about technology and work, sometimes before I get to it. They’ve also helped out with individual students to solve some of their problems. Instead of me getting in touch with quite a few last week to iron out issues I could ask Kailee and Emily to be in touch with someone to help them which took the burden off me in some cases. Now this week everyone has felt a lot more comfortable thanks to their efforts.

Fenna has nominated Lewis Green for his brilliant 3D character model in week 2 Art class. He used a lovely shell for its head and flower pots for its body. She has also nominated, Olivia Walker for a gorgeous cat drawing in week 1. Art class. Olivia used a range of pencil lines to make her cat look real. It had such a sweet face.

Meagan has nominated Brookley Horsburgh. She has been amazing. She has done all of her work and is putting in a lot of effort. She is bright and bubbly on webex. Her mum has also been amazing and has helped me to experiment with things. Joshua Hamilton, Cody Raaymakers, Ella K and Ella B have also been working really hard, however Brookley has been a stand out.

Rosie also has two awards, she has nominated Zaine, although he is not in my class, Zaine Dyer of 5/6W for working hard shovelling mushroom compost for our new veggie garden. Also Mia Kristic of 5/6H, for being a dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic online worker, completing all tasks and producing creative and well-presented work.

Georgia has nominated Tyson Cooper to get an award for learning. Today we started our inquiry unit “Staying Alive” and discussed what animals need to stay alive. Tyson took our inquiry focus on animal habitats further by creating his own dinosaur project. This was the end result:

Tracey Robertson-Smith


School Captains

I thought that we would end this newsletter with a letter from our school captains and a photo of their work station.


ANZAC Day is a little different at our school this year. We had a small ceremony this afternoon with the children who were at school. We attached a wreath to our memorial gates.

This year, we had 3 wreaths. 1 is for the Prep,1 & 2 classes and this will be laid at the RSL. The second wreath for the 3/4 classes will be laid at the memo hall and the wreath for the 5/6's is on our memorial gates.

Each area wreath has the name of every child on the petals and we hope that everyone will take the time tomorrow morning to remember our brave servicemen and women. If you happen to go for a walk past any of the wreaths, you might want to take the time to look for your childs name.

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