Instructional Technology PLN

January 2016

Welcome Back

I hope you enjoyed your break and are looking forward to the new year ahead. 2016 is going to be a great year for technology in our district. We have the DEN Ambassador Program coming up soon, the middle schools will be looking at new devices to replace their current tablets, and there are many new and wonderful websites and apps out there in Cyber World waiting for us to explore and share how we are using them in the classroom.

DEN Ambassador Program

The DEN Ambassador Program is coming starting in February. Rodney Crouse and myself will be hosting this event in two separate locations; Rodney at Vandalia and myself at the Washington St. Annex. This learning experience supports educators as they integrate Discovery Education resources into teaching practice and then share their learning with colleagues. The 3 events will be held in February, March, and April and will be posted on the GCS PD site shortly.

Instructional Technology Newsletter

Click here to view our January newsletter. We include information monthly on Canvas, SchoolNet, and Discovery Education. We also highlight a website that we feel might be useful to you but please remember you are responsible for checking out the Terms of Use before using with your students. We also have our Spotlight on Tech Integrators section where we post our visits to your schools and highlight the things you are doing with your students. We would love to see you in our next edition.

Technology in January

What technology will you be using in your classroom in January? Are you looking at some new websites? Will you be using your document camera, a Mobi, an interactive projector? Will your students be making a board with BoardBuilder in Discovery Education? Please take a minute to share what you will be doing and set up a time with us to come out and highlight your classroom activity using technology.