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Public Cloud Computing For Small & Midsize Businesses

According to the 2007 U.S. Census of Businesses by the United States Census Bureau, the number of Non-Employer businesses are 21.7 million. Termed as the micro-SMB (non-employer businesses and SMBs with 1-4 employees) sector, the technologies these micro-SMBs often have access to include the basics, like a PC and an Internet connection. In spite of this modest investment, they have a similar need of business services as required by large-scale businesses.

Here are 4 interesting facts on SMBs from well reputed sources:

The SMB sector is consistently concentrating on meeting its expanding technological needs through the wordpress cloud.

As researched and reported by Parallels, the Cloud services market for SMBs currently stands at $15.1 billion in the United States alone. And adds another $1.6 billion for non-employer businesses. These figures are reported to grow to $24.3 billion by 2014.

SMBs will make up around 65 percent of public cloud spending in 2015.public cloud computing for SMBs In a report worked on by both Microsoft and Edge Strategies indicated that the use Cloud services by SMBs may well double in the next five years.

In particular, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model can prove most beneficial to this segment. Key objectives will have to rely on increased capabilities to drive efficiencies, enabling the segment to perform at par with larger corporations.

Public Cloud service providers that provide micro-SMBs with innovative SaaS capabilities can take advantage of the incremental profits from this segment. They can do this by focusing on more common business needs, including Tax and Accounting applications, Recruitment and Payroll services, CRM, Digital Marketing Automation, Digital Advertising and Campaign Management solutions, and International Payment processing gateways.

We believes that if SaaS were to evolve into a Public Cloud offering, SMBs can benefit from SaaS solutions and services that will help them quickly evolve to a public cloud model. With predictions that put the total addressable market at $4 billion by 2015, the unprecedented growth opportunity among Non-Employer SMBs, and among SMBs with between 1-4 employees, are enormous.


The Non-Employer business segment of the economy offers a lucrative service-based opportunity for all wordpress cloud. It is as yet untapped, and with that factor at play, Cloud Service providers that have yet to formally approach this segment will find it hard to compete with large-scale Cloud market players.

With these facts and figures at hand, we has set up a dedicated SMB and micro-SMB support system that recognizes the need for providing valuable application-based Cloud business functions to the segment via its state-of-the-art Cloud Management Services plan.