Our New Government

We need to work together

How it Works

The new government due to the zombie apocalypse is an evolving government, which will evolve as the population grows and expands. All decisions and changes will be done by voting. The Initial government will be an communism, a political theory that leads to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. Communism is most successful for small groups, Eskimos and small island groups used it. Communism has no leader,it will have a group of chosen people by majority voting. This group of people will listen to what our people have to say and apply it to the laws they make.When laws our made up they will do a voting between the group to see if everyone agrees. If laws are broken it will depend on what you do for your consequence. If the people decide to change the government it will elect a group of leaders, at some point our population will outgrow communism. The opportunity to adopt other types of government to replace communism will be chosen by the majority vote. This will ensure the government is always evolving and will best serve the interest of people. The government's success or failure will be the responsibility of our people as they have all the decision making responsibilities. The government could be any and all types depending on the people’s needs and desires. The key is each person has an equal say.

How we will keep it Maintained

Since only a minimum amount of us survived the apocalypse we all need to work together in order for this to work. A government is necessary because if we don't form a government it would form into a anarchy, no government. That would mean we wouldn't have any help and we would have to survive on our own. We need a government to keep us in a safer environment.
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Due to our zombie apocalypse, we need to make sure our people are healthy and safe. Our first priority is to make sure everyone is in a healthy state of mind.

The Future

Depending on how our people collaborate will depend on how much our future government will be successful. The evolving part really helps to start out small and develop into a larger government.