by: Joel Francis, and Chris Ramirez

Creator: Adolf "Adi" Dassler

Was born in the Bavarian town of herzogenaurach and trained as a cobbler developing his own shoes in his mothers laundry. In the 1928 Olympics, he equipped many athletes with his new shoes, including Jesse Owens who went on to win 4 gold medals. In 1948 his brother, Rudolf Dassler, seperated from his brothers company and went on to found the company Puma. Later Adolf Dassler changed the name to "Adidas" after his nickname.

Adidas - Four Business Elements

1. Leadership - Adi Dassler started off with a dream and took it to the world. He brought his dream to life and widened out his company across the world, gaining much fame and recognition with all the countless teams and players that wear his brand.

2. Planning - Adidas was an extremely planned company. They used carefully planned marketing to sell their products. They sponsor various athletes knowing that by doing so, they would make money.

3. Management - Adidas has managed many other companies besides their own. For example, they own Reebok, TaylorMade, CCM, and Rockport. This exhibitions Adidas' management skills.

4. Employees - Adidas treats it's employees well. They give frequent holidays and sick leaves. They also offer 30% discounts on their products. This keeps the Adidas employees happy.

Adidas Throughout the Years

Throughout the years Adidas has faced many challenges. They had to adapt to the rapidly changing modern styles and fashion trends. They make use of their PR staff members to develop new designs that are accepted by us as classics.

Would You Work Here?

- Adidas offers 30% discounts on all of their products to their employees.

- Great employee relations

- Looks good working on a top 50 company

- Offers $8 an hour basic salary