Articles of the Constitution

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Lightning Stands for the Legislative branch

The Legislative branch makes the laws, declares war, collects taxes , and makes money. The Legislative branch is made up of the senate and the house of representatives. The legislative branch also regulates trade between other countries states and Indian tribes.

Electrocutes Stands for The Executive branch

The Executive Branch is the President. The President is the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, He/She negotiates treaties with other countries, appoints supreme court justices makes sure the laws are carried out and makes a state of the union address to congress. The President is elected by the electoral college every 4 years.

Jerry stands for the Judicial branch

The Judicial branch is made up of nine supreme court justices. The Judicial branch Interprets the laws and decides what they mean. Judges are appointed by the President and they stay a judge until they die Retire or are removed.

Shortly stands for The States

Article four is about how the states get along with each other. States must share Public records A person who commits a crime in a state must be tried in the same state. New states can be admitted but no state shall be formed in the jurisdiction of any other state. Each state must be a democracy and follow the laws of the National government.

After Stands for the Amendments

Article five talks about how the constitution can be changed or amended. Two thirds of both the senate and the house of representatives must agree to change the constitution in order for the constitution to be changed. It also says that the amendments can not interfere with the bill of rights.

Sam stands for Supremacy of the constitution

Article six says that the constitution is the supreme law of the land and that the government can not make any laws that interfere with the constitution. Article six also says that lawmakers must uphold the constitution and that to e in any office there will be no religious test

Returned Stands for Ratification

The seventh article says that 9 states have to ratify the constitution in order to for it to become the official law of the land.