The Qin Dynasty

BY: O Ostler


The Qin Dynasty had two emperors; Qin Sin Haung and Qin Er Shi. Qin Sin Haung ruled from 221 BC - 210 BC and Qin Er Shi ruled from 210 BC - 207 BC. Qin Er Shi did not accomplish much in his reign. Although Qin Sin Haung accomplished many great things in his reign. He ruled over 20,000,000 people. He is one of the greatest rulers of all time.


Qin Sin Haung did great things like building The Great Wall Of China. On top of that he made the famous army of Terracotta Warriors. He also standardized weights, currency (Ban Liang Coins), and measuring. His reign went on for 11 years leading up to his death. There were 2 assassination attempts but he died by mercury pills. Then his son, Qin Er Shi took the throne. He ruled for 3 years then surrendered to Liu Bang. This was the end of the Qin Dynasty.


The Qin Dynasty lasted from 221 BC - 207 BC. It had two emperor and two chancellors. Qin Sin Haung ruled from 221 BC - 210 BC and Qin Er Shi ruled from 210 BC - 207 BC. Li Si the first chancellor was chancellor from 221 BC - 208 BC and the other chancellor Zhao Gao was it from 208 BC - 207 BC. This Dynasty was one of the greatest Chinese Dynasties of all time.


The Qin Dynasty was based in eastern China. The Capital city was Xianyang. The city is still around today. The total population was 20,000,000 in all of Qin. The Dynasties main religion was Legalisim. The Qin Dynasty was very big because Qin Shi Haung the first emperor Unified China.
The Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty