Hunting for Hidden Gold

By: Franklin W. Dixon

The Theme

It is hard to pick out a theme in this type of book. I think overall the theme is perseverance. I think this because even when the Hardy Boys have difficulties or hit a dead end they keep going and try to look for a clue.

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Rising Action

In the beginning Frank and Joe Hardy become involved in a mystery when their father calls them out west to Montana. He calls them out west to find old gold near the village of Lucky Lode and to help with a case. They are searching for a gang that is involved in a robbery. When they get there they find their father badly hurt. They begin the investigation on their own and learn about a mystery. The mystery is about gold that was stolen from a prospector years ago.


During the climax they meet Mr.Burke who owns the general store in Lucky Lode. They find out he is a spy called "Slip Gun". He is spying on them and working for Big Al the villain. While hunting for the hidden gold the Hardy Boys spot a cave. They head into the cave to search for clues on where the gold might be. But, they run into a pack of wolves before they find any clues and have to find a way to get out of the cave.

Falling Acting and Conclusion

In the falling acting and conclusion the boys end up finding the gold and all the bad guys. They return the stolen gold and figure out the mystery.