Edgar Degas

French Artist: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting and Printmaking

Major Accomplishments

  • member and a founder of Société Anonyme des Artistes (Society of Independent Artists); a group focused on putting on expositions that were not controlled by the Salon.

  • Identified as an influential artist leading the Impressionist Movement (although he preferred the term realist)

  • Most known for his paintings of dancers and nude women (“The Dance Class” 1874, “Woman Ironing” 1873, “Dancers Practicing At The Bar” 1877) - seen below

Life In Paris

  • Returned to Paris in 1873 to reunite with friends and family

  • Along with Monet, Sisley and several other artists formed Société Anonyme des Artistes (Society of Independent Artists)

  • Influenced the Impressionist Movement in Paris and around the world