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April 22, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy Earth Day! We plan on cleaning up the parks around Garfield School when we catch a spare moment this week.

You may notice a different approach this week. I am challenging students to view the Grizzly Gazette with you. There are a lot of upcoming events and it might be an opportunity to quickly discuss them as well as make the plans needed ahead of time.

Please be sure to read about:
*MCA schedule and requests
*St. Paul Capitol - Fort Snelling Field Trip
*Screen Free Week Challenge
*Track and Field Day

I appreciate your support of your child's school experience. Your child is part of a dynamic class. May promises to be packed with challenges, reflection, and celebration.

Please contact me any time!

Mrs. Sheldrup

April's Events and Notes

22 MCA Math Testing all day
Lunch choice due for the Capitol Field Trip
24 MCA Reading Part 1
25 MCA Reading Part 2
25 National Screen Free Week Challenge Begins
26 Internet Safety Presentation- M. Ringhofer & Officer Gangelhoff
April Novel Due
27 Regional Science Fair at MSU,M

5 National Screen Free Week Ends
6 1st Floor Capitol Field Trip - not us :)
7 PTO meeting 5:30, Media Center
9 Track and Field Day and Garfield Fundraiser Run/Walk
10 Rain Day for Track and Field Day
13 Second Floor Capitol Trip - our day!!!
14 2-hour late start, PLC Meeting
20 DIBELS Testing
27 Memorial Day, No School
30 Band Concert 1:30 (9:00 a.m. rehearsal all school)
31School Wide Celebration Assembly 1:45-2:25 for May (gym)

This Week's Reading Focus: MCA's are here!

Thank you in advance for all that you do to help your child have the best testing experience. Ensuring adequate sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a positive message each night really go a long way!

Monday- MCA Math Test
Tuesday- MCA Reading Prep
Wednesday- MCA Reading Test
Thursday- MCA Reading Test
Friday- Read -n- Feed Celebration (may be post-poned if students need to test into Friday)

Upcoming Events

St. Paul Capitol and Fort Snelling Field Trip- On Monday, May 13th, we will be heading to St. Paul to take a guided tour of our capitol and Ft. Snelling. This trip is the culminating experience of our Minnesota History class and Minnesota Government Class (govnerment will begin in May).
Trip Information:
*Information and forms are mailed to you. Send back your forms asap.
*Students should bring a lunch from home or order one from school. I specified to the students they had to have you sign their planner for a home lunch or I would order a school one. They may still bring extra snacks from home. Lunches are not refrigerated and are eaten on the bus.
*We will take a regular school bus. Students may bring electronics and cameras as long as they are responsible for them and abide by responsible use policies.
*Students may not bring money.
*We are outside for a good part of the Ft. Snelling tour and should dress for any potential inclement weather.....LAYERS!!!
*All students will stay with me the entire field trip.
*Please make a plan now how your child will get home from the trip. We arrive at school later than regular dismissal. Students will bring a form home soon to indicate their travel plans.
*Our school nurse assistant will be attending with us, but may not be riding our bus.
*Please let me know if you have any questions!

I am inviting students to participate in a voluntary challenge for "Screen Free Week." Those that participate will journal about their thoughts and experiences in place of the assigned writing assignment. In addition, we hope to have discussion groups to generate ideas on activities and share their experiences. Students will need to have you sign each day to verify they did not use "screen electronics." A letter will be coming home later this week after we define the parameters as class. This is voluntary and you do not have to have your child participate if you object (or if they do!).

This Month's Focus: Putting It All Together

Thanks for your support. We really rallied and worked together to give our best this week! Encourage your child to Prepare with sleep and healthy food for the MCA's and show Determination and Excellence while taking the MCA's.

My Contact Information:

Please contact me any time! I look forward to working with you and your child!