Academic Dishonesty

By: Kylie Mercuri

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you take someone's work and make it your own. There many different ways you can plagiarize such as from a book, a website, or someone else's work. When you plagiarize you have a serious punishment. There are many ways you can avoid plagiarism, read the next paragraph and you'll find out.

How to avoid plagiarism

You can avoid plagiarism with these 3 helping hands....

1. ACKNOWLEDGE, you can acknowledge the website by saying where you got the information.

2. QUOTING, you can quote by putting it quotation marks and then writing a hyphen and the website you got it from.

3. ADDING A REFERENCE PAGE, adding a reference page will help you to not plagiarize you just write all the websites you used.

3. REWRITE, you can use the information you have and turn it into your own by rewriting.

Why you shouldn't plagiarize

You shouldn't plagiarize because then you will get in serious trouble especially in high school. You will get an F straight away. If they see you cheating on a test they will take your test away and mark it as is, not finished. You don't want to be known as the cheater, plagiarizer, or copier. Your reputation is at stake! So don't plagiarize because then you will be known as helpful and trustworthy.