Bertolet's Bulletin

May 23-26, 2016

We wrote autobiographies this week. Read some of the fabulous writing and drawing that your child did. I am so proud of room 99's readers and writers.

Great Kindergarten Writing

Advice for the Incoming Kindergarteners

We wrote a few rules that the new Kindergarten students needed to know in order to "survive: Kindergarten next year. Here are a few important ones.
Do not sit on the tables. Do not push someone off the swings. Do not play in the bathrooms. --Clayton

Do not run in the classroom. No dancing on the tables. No going in the mud at recess.


No running on the bus. No pushing at recess. No throwing food at kids at the cafeteria.


Never stand in the bus. Never run in school. Never hit persons.


No talking when the teacher is talking.

--- Ja'Keyna

Do not play in the bathroom.


Do not lie.

--- Kyson

Do not throw pencils.

----- Jonathan

Do not tear the palm tree.

--- Jacob

No monkey bars at recess.


I Remember......

We wrote about something we remembered about this year.
I remember the Hundred's day. We were popping balloons. There were cards in the balloons. We did one hundred hats. -----FABIAN

I remember when I met new friends. It was fun when I first met them. It was fun. --TREVON

I remember we have to do the time tests. It was fun. we have to do it fast. We do it on Fridays and Wednesdays. ----RICHARD

I remember when we talked about time. We talked about clocks. I love school! ---CLAYTON

I remember when we did the pinata. It was fun. I liked it. ----AUBREY

Special Class Schedule

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Computers

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music/Art

Let's Celebrate!!

Our end of the year celebration is on Tuesday at 2:45pm in our classroom.

We hope to see you there to celebrate all our accomplishments this year.

Thank you for a good school year. Mrs. Devine and I would like to wish you all a wonderful summer break. We have worked hard to become good readers and writers this year, please continue to practice this over the break so that your child will be ready to build on what they have learned when they get to first grade.