Beer's Law

Lab Report

The base of the lab report

Aunt Elda went into surgery to get her appendix removed and Aunt Elda died and we're trying to find out if it was the amount of the anesthesia that killed her.
Beer's Law uses the transparency of a solution to determine the strength of the solution. In this experiment we determining if the "mystery' solution (the anesthesia) is what killed aunt Elda during her surgery. Anesthesia with less than 40% transparency can kill.
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The facts and procedure.

In the lab statement it states that a mixture is killer if its less than 40 transparent between anesthesia to water. We took 6 varying levels to test the transparency. We took and put 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60% in the VERNIER and tested the transparency levels. Then we took the mystery mixture and tested it transparency.

The Information

The graph shows the concentrations 1-6 and ends with the mystery mixture
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The graph shows that the mixture was more than 40 percent transparent, meaning aunt Elda died for another, unknown, reason.