Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of Feb. 23rd and March 2nd

Important Dates


9:00 Label to Table- Parent Meeting

3:15 SSA

4:00 CSUSM Admin Class- 117

Rolayne out in the AM


4th & 5th Math TOSA Day

Stephanie at DO- all day


2;10 2nd grade Parent Marketplace preview

2:30 PLC Meetings


2nd grade Marketplace

2:00 Food Pantry


8:45 Student of the Month

Spring Photos

4th grade to Mission



3:15 Girls on the Run

3:15 SSA

4:00 CSUSM Admin Class


Final Evaluation Conferences with Rolayne and Steph for those on cycle- all day


8:00 ELAC Meetings

2:15 Girls on the Run

No PLC Meetings


Final Evaluation Conferences with Rolayne and Steph for those on cycle-AM

3:15 Student Council


9:00 5th grade Music Performance

12-3 Mad Science Assemblies

12:10 Kinder and First (PE teachers will bring classes) 1:10 4th and 5th grades 2:10 2nd and 3rd (PE will bring over 3rd grade)

4:00 Rebekah's Baby Shower @ Pizza Nova

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Check out Tony (Jose) in the picture from the Feeding America Meeting- "A tremendous thank you to all of the school contacts who attended FASD's Annual School Partner meeting. These meetings were meant to foster a greater understanding of Feeding America San Diego and our policies, as well as allow you--our network--to learn from one another. We hope you found it informative and enjoyable."
  • Thank you to all who helped during the craziness last Friday. Big thanks to Camilo as well who jumped in take a class with no teacher. Thank you to Natalie for helping put the puzzle of the afternoon together and for remaining calm during the whole investigation. Thank you to the supervisors and PE teachers who got the students inside super quick and to Laura for housing a whole lot of students.
  • Super impressed with students' writing this past month! I have seen some great growth across all grade levels.
  • Thank you to 2nd and 3rd grade teachers for your great discussions during the Math TOSA days. I love to watch you learn and grow from each other.


  • Timecards are due this Thursday, Feb. 26.
  • Report cards are due to Rolayne and I on March 16th. They go home on March 25th in Wednesday envelopes. Please have all data entered into OARS before March 16th. Hollie and her team will not have groups for a week or so, they are more than happy to help input scores into OARS or spreadsheets. You can give them your scores as soon as you have them, if you need that extra support.
  • Get those steps in......remember one goal during your duty outside is to be a "roamer". How many steps can you get in in those 15 mintues?


17Jade Machado

17Elizabeth Zavala

17Marlene Lopez

19Olivia Avila

20Monica Duenas

20Traci Molloy

2Mimo Masuda

5Rebekah Butcher

7Desiree Ballis


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