Come Be The President

By: Lexi Enger and Bri Rykken


To be the president of the united states you must:

* Be at least 35 years of age or older

* Lived in the United States for 14 years

* Be born in the United States

Skills necessary to be the President

To be the president it is important that the president is well educated, has some form of a religious background, and possibly a military background.

Leadership qualities, being persuasive and inspiring are all personal qualities that look good in a presidential candidate.

In his/her appearance, the president must be dignified, confident, poised, and demonstrate charisma.


The salary of the president is roughly $400,000

Benefits of being the president include a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment purposes.

The most recent raise was approved by congress and put into affect in 2001.

Constitutional Powers

1. Commander and chief of the army and navy

2. He may require an opinion in writing of the principle officer

3. has the power to grant pardons, except in cases of impeachment

4. Power to make treaties

5. shall nominate and appoint ambassadors and other public ministers

6. has the power to fill up vacancies in the senate

7. shapes and promotes the party platforms.

8. formulates the nations plans for dealing with other countries

9. manages executive departments and federal agencies

10. assists with congress to plan the national budget.

Leadership Qualities

The most important 5 qualities of a president are decision making. It is necessary that the president can make good decisions that will benefit the entire country in every aspect. The president should be able to resolve conflict. They should have the skills to bring the nation out of trouble to better it. He should have confidence. Confidence of the president will help better a fatigued nation. He should hold the nations trust. Trust is something that can hold peace between congress and citizens. The president should be true to his word. Citizens should be able to rely on the president to implement attainable goals.

Current Challenges

The president of the United States of America should have a plan for current issues:

Such as immigration reform. Immigration has been a popular debate in the presidential campaign for 2016 office. To propose a plan, you must have knowledgeable, realistic, and timely plan.

We should only allow immigration of people with a clear background and history. We should check that everyone who enters the country will not put any of our citizens in harms way. Our previous acts of terror have been from immigration issues and people who we thought were clear, weren't. Acts such as the Boston bombing, 9/11 attacks, and much more could have been prevented if we knew who these people were and were aware of the issues with our immigration system.

To help solve this issue, the president can be able to delegate tasks for people, they could be trustworthy, so that the nation knows that their leader has their best interest to keep everyone and everything safe.