2015 Year In Review Project

Sports & Entertainment Marketing- Pablo Najarro

Companies that mark themselves the best

  1. Nike- Nike became one of the best products in 2015. They came up with all these different types of commercials like the one with all the different athletes that were going to play football in the snow. they've used popular athletes to produce there product to be successful in 2015.
  2. Apple- Apple had another successful year in 2015. By releasing 4 new items the IPhone 6 and 6s, the apple watch, Ipad pro and apple TV.
  3. Jordan- Michael Jordan shoes had always took over the shoe brand every year thats why there in the top 3 for this list. Jordans took over 2015 by remodeling they old jordans and releasing them like some of the shoes. they've always dominated the shoe game thats why they were successful in 2015

Top 2 Best Products of 2015

  1. Apple Watch
  2. Jordans

Top 2 Worst Products Of 2015

  1. Kanye west Clothing
  2. Hover Board

Top Movies and How they Marketed

  1. Fast 7- Was successful in 2015 by marketing the whole movie good. The fast and furious franchise made so many movies that had fans edging over there seats. Their fan base is so big that they surprise them with little teasers of the new movies. At the last scene made a lot of people cry. dedicating one of the best actors in the movie Paul Walker. This movie was so successful it showed it was market good though the whole movie.
  2. Star Wars- Star Wars successful in 2015. Drawing attention to new fans in this movie with lots of action and surprising moments. Also it made the fans base really excited for the new movie to come out. Continuing the star wars series with this movie. For marketing They gave out the news through all these different types a way like the radio commercials on TV's and ads on the computers.

Top 2 artist in Rap music

  1. Drake- Drake became very successful in 2015. Dropping a new album with future call what at time to be alive and having a hit single called hotline bling. through out the years drake has been diss almost all the time. Coming back in 2015 making an album with future and a hit signal proved other artist wrong.
  2. Fetty Wap- Fetty Wap was super successful in 2015. Nobody every heard about him until he realest a hit song called trap queen. From being a nobody to winning Grammys and awards. Later that year releasing a new album that became successful.

Top Rap songs

  1. Hotline Bling by Drake
  2. 679 by Fetty Wap
  3. Jumpman by Drake
  4. White Iverson by Post Malone
  5. Antidote by Travis scott

New Years Resolution

  1. Personal improvement- Eat healthier at home and exercise
  2. Family and Friends- Be happy more
  3. School and Others- Become the best Jv or varsity soccer player