2nd Grade News

Curriculum Information and Important Reminders

Curriculum Reminders

For the Week of February 1st-February 5th we will be studying:

Math- Making connections and visualizing in problem solving, identifying, sorting, analyzing, and classifying 3D shapes

Reading- Using text features to locate specific information in a text

OLC: Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting- 3rd Nine Weeks Spelling List 2, ending consonant clusters

Writing- Adverbs, choosing topics for a personal narrative piece

Science- Water cycle and how we use water

Stars of the Week!

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Students will be selected in each class on Friday of each week. A letter, poster, and special Star of the Week treats will be sent home on Friday to be worked on over the weekend. Every student will have the opportunity to be Star of the Week in their classroom at some point in the year. We look forward to learning more about all of our 2nd Grade Stars!


Look for a letter to come home this week with your child about creating a box and valentine's for their class. There are more details below.

Our classes will be exchanging valentines on Friday, February 12th. We would love for each child to bring in a decorated box or paper bag to school by Thursday, February 11th to place valentines inside of from the other students. Please be sure your child has his/her name written somewhere on either the front or top of their decorated bag/box. Please be sure their name is big enough to be read easily. The students will be passing out valentines to each other on Friday morning BEFORE our Valentine’s Day party. If your child would like to participate, please be sure to include a valentine for every child in the class. A class list will be included in the note that comes home with your child. We will be having a Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 12th. More details will come home soon about the party. We’d love to see you there!

Look for all Homework to Come Home Every Monday!

This will include:

Spelling List-study the words

Math Word Problems- cut and glue problems into the math homework spiral and solve one each night

Guided Reading Response Journal and Book- Choose 2-3 responses each week to write in the journal.

***Please return the Math Homework spiral on Friday of each week. The guided reading folder and response journal should come to school every day.

Spelling List

Study the Spelling List

You can use the Spelling Activities sent home in the parent email the first week to study these words if you choose to. Please remember that it is important for the students to be able to apply the use of these words in their writing as well.

1. really

2. top

3. man

4. fewer

5. learn

6. close

7. link *

8. blank *

9. kept *

10. slept *

11. print *

12. slant *

Challenge List

1. wastebasket

2. wrinkle

Library Announcement

Library Deadline

If you are participating in the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program, the deadline to finish reading your 360 minutes is Friday, February 26. If you need a new form, you can find one on the library website https://sites.google.com/a/friscoisd.org/nichols-library/six-flags-read-to-succeed-program . All completed forms will need to be turned in to Mrs. Walther in the library.

Important Dates and Upcoming Events

Starting the Week of September 28th we will begin having our PLC time every other Thursday morning from 8:00-8:50. This will be a more consistent schedule for everyone, and the kids will be working with the specials teachers during that time.

February 12th- Good Morning Nichols

February 15th- No School- Staff Development Day

February 26th- Good Morning Nichols

March 7th-March 11th- Spring Break- No School

Classroom Wish Lists

As we begin the start of a new semester we do start running low on supplies that get used up during the year. If you ever want to check to see what your child's classroom may be in need of feel free to check out the wish lists on our 2nd grade website. We appreciate any donations of extra supplies throughout the year!


Science Vocabulary

Here are the definitions of words that we have been covering in science.

clouds: a collection of water or ice in the sky

water cycle: the constant movement of water through the land, air, oceans, and living things

precipitation: rain, snow, sleet and hail

condensation: water changing from gas to liquid

evaporation: water changing from liquid to gas

Math Corner

Have you been wondering what some of our math terms are!? We will put some helpful hints in the newsletter each week to help you out.

2D and 3D Shape Vocabulary







flat surface

curved surface




Students should be able to identify and name the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes such as:




rectangular prism

cube as a special rectangular prism

triangular prism


quadrilaterals (square, rectangles, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid




We hope that you find these resources useful as you use them at home.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Charmaine Dean- deanc@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63966

Mrs. Jackie McClain- mcclainj@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63967

Ms. Taylor Flaig- flaigt@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63965

Mrs. Megan Allard- allardm@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63964

Ms. Kristen Graham- grahamk@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63963