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Winter is coming!

December 2015

It is unavoidable; Thanksgiving has come and gone, snow has fallen on the Patriots (albeit in Colorado...), and 2016 is right around the corner. Whether you embrace winter for all its activities or do your best to hibernate until flowers bloom again, the NHS Library has what you need for the season!

Resources For Your Classes!

Guest Speaker

We are incredibly grateful to the Needham Education Foundation for funding our grant "Authoring Inspiration". Through this opportunity, we will be hosting a visit from author Nancy Werlin in the spring which will focus on promoting stronger self-efficacy including taking on challenges, responding to criticism and setbacks, and overcoming obstacles.

If you would like your students to be involved with this program, please email me as soon as possible. Space is limited, but we will do our best to accommodate schedules.

New Resources


The NHS Library is now a member of the Commonwealth eBook Collection. All students and staff can access each of the three collections: Axis360 for digital books and audiobooks (similar to OverDrive); BiblioBoard for multi-user texts, indie publications, and research resources; and EBL for full-length books and articles for academic research. Each collection also has an app for ease of access.

IMPORTANT: You need to log into your account while at school for the first time in order to be authenticated. After that, you can log in anywhere! For each collection, your username is needham+your google base. For example, a teacher's username would be needhamfirst_lastname and a student username would be needhamabc191. You will then be prompted to complete the profile setup. Stop by the library for more information!

As always, we value your suggestions. Please complete this form if you have any recommendations for books, DVDs, or other materials.

Want to Know More?

We are happy to work with you, your classes, and your individual students to practice better Internet search strategies. For example, you are more than welcome to use this web activity in your classes or schedule time in the library for this, or any other, lesson to be conducted.