Middle School Math Lab

Engaging Students in Thinking and Reasoning

Professional Learning Through Classroom Labs

Student Learning is Greatest Where...

"Student learning is greatest in classrooms where the tasks consistently encourage high-level student thinking and reasoning and least in classrooms where the tasks are routinely procedural in nature." (Principles to Actions, 2014)

But what does it take to implement this type of task productively?

Series Objectives

In this series we will examine instructional practices that:

  • support implementation of high demand tasks,
  • forward mathematical goals,
  • promote depth of knowledge,
  • increase engagement and access,
  • make student thinking visible, and
  • inform the formative assessment process.

Instructional Lab Classrooms

In addition to the collaborative learning and planning in the face-to-face sessions, we will engage in two lab classrooms where teachers will have an opportunity to examine and reflect upon student thinking in a live classroom setting. While not everyone will enact a lesson in the lab setting, it is important to note that by registering for this series you are agreeing to open up your classroom as a learning space for other teachers.

Dates and Times

3 Collaborative Learning Sessions at Oakland Schools

(8 am - 3 pm)

  • October 27th
  • January 19th
  • March 15th

2 Lab Classroom Dates

(times based on school schedule TBD with individual sites)

  • One of November 17, 18th OR 19th And
  • One of January 26th, 27th, OR 28th

Substitute Reimburesment

Substitute reimbursement for in county teachers for up to $100 per teacher per day.

For More Information

The series facilitators are Geraldine Devine and Kathy Dole. For more information please email Geraldine.Devine@oakland.k12.mi.us or Lyn.Weber@Oakland.k12.mi.us .

Registration is OPEN!

Click here to REGISTER.

Oakland County fee: $100