Thirty-One M&M's Team Newsletter

Robyn Davis' Gen 0-----Celebrating SEPTEMBER 2016

A little note from me...

Congratulations to you all on one of the BIGGEST months our team has ever had!!! :) There was an amazing amount of momentum in your efforts and it showed up in your sales and parties! Congrats!

Time to keep that momentum going and have GREAT success through this Fall!

Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to chat with many of you 1 on 1! Love to hear what successes you are having along with what challenges you are encountering!

One of the challenges I have heard from many of you is, time management and finding the time to work your Thirty-One business! We are all busy, wearing many different hats and so being intentional and consistent in our work time will create more success and more productive mentality!

A few ideas:

-Making a weekly goal sheet with specific daily goals and tasks! Love to sit on Sunday night and do this!

-Wake up early each morning and set the plan for your day! Carve out just 20-30 minutes to complete your Thirty-One work!

-Keep a running lists of tasks next to your work area so when it is time to work, you aren't wondering what you need to do and you can get right to work! :)

I'm here and more than happy to spend time chatting, planning, setting goals with each of you!! Please let me know how I can help!!

Hope to connect with you all soon!!


Robyn's August Stats:

PV: $5,896.97

Parties: 7

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Bianca Tarango

Hemlata Malani

Araceli Yanez

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Top in Personal Volume!

Laura Galindo

August PV: $3,917.98

Laura has worked hard at being consistent at following up with customers, potential hostesses and current hostesses!! With her follow up mentality, her PV continues to rise each month along with the number of parties she holds!!

CONGRATS Laura! So proud of you!! :)

Congrats also to the TOP 20% of selling on our team...

Ashley Lykins-$2,858.99

Bonnie Olle-$1,979

Linda Ortega-$1,168

Shauna Jenschke-$868

Debie Cone-$778

Amanda Johnson-$738

Mary Gonzalez-$635

Amber Stoltenberg-$634.99

Sandy Lee-$615.99

Esmeralda Gutierrez-$612

Ashlie Malacara-$601

Newly Qualified Consultants!

Letty Gonzalez

Jennifer Korzekwa

Angie Villegas

Big image

All of these ladies, added 1 new team member in September!!! Woo Hoo!

Audrey Badders

Letty Gonzalez

Laura Galindo

Ashley Lykins

Big image
Big image

September StartSwell Earners!!!

Amber Stoltenberg-Level 1

Ashlie Malcara-Level 1

Esmeralda Gutierrez-Level 1

Letty Gonzalez-Level 1

Jennifer Korzekwa-Level 1...$1,000 Level!!

Shauna Jenschke-Level 2

Jennifer Briner-Level 2

Sandy Lee-Level 4

Big image

Excited to see who our next Senior Consultant and Director will be!!!

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Team Stats for September 2016 {Robyn Davis' Gen 0}

Team Volume: $26,476

# of Parties: 51

# of New Consultants: 3

# of Consultants: 59

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Who will be our next Senior Consultant??

Valerie Gutierrez

Jennifer Dunlap

Alyson Hernandez

Stephanie Keene

Kelly Araki

Laura Galindo

These ladies all are on the way with 1 QUALIFIED team member!

Go ladies Go!

On the way to Directorship...
Who will be our Next Director?

Amy Fisher-4 QSC

Melyssa Char- 2 QSC

Debie Cone-4 QSC

Allison Smoot-2 QSC

*QSC-qualified consultant

Money Mondays!!!

Home Office wants to help you prepare for the holiday season through Money Mondays!

Starting Monday, Oct. 17, we are going to pay you your commission based on the parties you submit in the month.

You’ll be paid on:

  • Monday, Oct. 17
  • Monday, Oct. 24
  • Monday, Oct. Thirty-One

Check WWW.THIRTYONETODAY.COM for more details!

Spring & Summer Product Premiere!

Mark your calendars for December 10th at 10a!!

Join your Thirty-One sisters to see the new Catalog come to life and get your first look at the full collection of prints, products and personalization styles coming this spring. You’ll hear from Cindy, Scott and other Home Office friends, as well as successful Consultants just like you who are achieving their dreams through Thirty-One. Plus, ALL attendees will leave with a NEW Spring/Summer product!

For the first time at Product Premiere, Consultants can bring up to two guests to be a part of the fun! This is a perfect opportunity for anyone you know who has shown interest in joining Thirty-One to learn more about our family.

Registration opens for all Consultants at 10 a.m. EST Nov. 7 and closes Nov. 20.

Don’t miss out on all the excitement of Spring/Summer Product Premiere – mark your calendar to register soon. See you there!

K Groups are exclusive Thirty-One Facebook groups for those Consultants who are party and PV rock stars!

Party consistently September-November to earn* a spot in one of our four Winter K Groups, plus some NEW Spring-Summer products for FREE!

When you earn a spot in any of our Winter K Groups – ½K, 1K, 2K or 4K – you’ll earn a K Kit for the Spring-Summer season!

The specific products and business supplies in each K Kit will be revealed at Spring Product Premiere (Dec. 10) but we can tell you that the rewards get better at each level – check it out!

Our Winter K Groups will be active January-March, 2017.

*The earning period to gain a spot in a Winter K Group is Sept. 1 – Nov. 30, 2016