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App #1

Quizlet is a free flashcard creation site that can be used to study, create, and share flashcards. Teachers can create their own flashcards for students or use pre-submitted cards. The students can study individually or with their peers.

It can be used with all different types of subject matter. It would be a very effective way for my students in my Social Studies classes to study for quizzes and tests. Also for French class student it would be a great way to learn new french words to develop their french vocabulary.

App #2

Audioboo creates a podcast for numerous different activities in the classroom that can be shared with the teacher, peers, the school and family. For example the students can read their own work and hear it in their own voice, reenact characters from their story books or people in history, or announce local news around the school. It is a great way to engage the students and create conversation to build your community in the classroom, the school and beyond!

It can be used in my Social Studies classrooms to make historical figures and events come alive through the creativity of the students, and in turn will help them learn and remember key topics. It will also be very helpful in my French classes because it will give the students the opportunity to practice speaking in French, often the hardest part of learning a new language.

App #3

Videolicious: students can create video stories about themselves, others, topics they are learning in class. It is a quick and easy app that creates professional videos that studetns can share in the classroom and beyond.

This is could another way for my students to make historical events come alive in the classroom! For my french students, they can practice their french while making a creative movie about a theme, or topic we are learning in class.

App #4

Woices.com Location Based Audioguides where students can create tours about various locations around the school,playground, or city while on a field trip. They can research the history behind a place and tell the story behind that place for others to listen to when they visit.

Teaching the Social Studies students the importance of history through making their own audio guides of places near the school, around the playground, or if they have the opportunity to go on a field trip to an historical site.

App #5

French Exercises: French learning tools that include french-english and english-french dictionaries, several vocabulary and conjugation learning games for students to practice their french.

This app will help my french students with their french writing skills as well as practicing vocabulary and conjugation with fun games that they can do during free time in class as well as outside of the classroom setting.