As soon as flip over to the first page, it makes you feel exited. Not only are you just about to read an unbeatable book, but you know it'll be fun. This book is a wondrous read and is recommended for all ages. Nanberry is like a movie, something that catches with the story and keeps you wanting it. Everything from the First Fleet's arrival to the outbreak of smallpox among the colony is perfectly pieced together.

First Reason

To begin with Nanberry is a gripping book that teaches you about Nanberry and his life in the most accurate form. Just the story alone is hard to believe! Books like Nanberry help you remember important historical events included in the novel. For example I know he was adopted by the Surgeon General to the first fleet, Surgeon J. White. If I hadn't read this gem of a book I wouldn't know anything!

Second Reason

Not only is Nanberry a must read, it is a must read for all ages! This book will hit the adult market just as well as the teen market. An interesting and hooking story like this will increase your vocabulary and will help you comprehend what is happening because you will just love what you are reading!

Third Reason

Everything in the story is absolutely astonishing, and is worth the award that it was given.When the book was published , it won the Honour Book Prize given by the Children's Book Council of Australia for the extremely emotional journey Jackie French takes you on. Even the Sunday Herald says 'a wonderful tale which... will work just as well for adults as the teen market!'


All the extraordinary things that happen in the book are true, which is the hardest thing overall to believe. The smallpox, the everything seems all too captivating and inconceivable to have ever happened at all. This book really is quite stunning.