1940 July 7th : Ringo Starr born Richard Starkey in Liverpool.

1940 October 9th : John Winston Lennon born i Liverpool.

1942 June 18th : James Paul McCartney born in Liverpool.

1943 February 25th : George Harrison born in Liverpool.

1934 September 19th : Brian Epstein born.

The own instrument ; Paul : base guitar.George : lead guitar, John : rhythm guitar,Ringo : drums.

Beatles famous around the world.

Most popular in U.S Rock and Roll start in U.S

Problem : fans getting crazy.

The Beatles stop travel because many fans crazy in everywhere.

The Beatles start to change music .

They record many different music : different instrument , record different sound .

The Beatles albums name : SGT,PEPPER,LONELY.

1970 : The Beatles start to broken up because they want to make music on their own.

Paul made a new group name Wing.

George and Ringo make music together.

John married Yoko Ono and write music with her.

1980 : John killed by a crazy man.

2002 : George not died , yet.

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1962 June 6th :The Beatles enter EMI Studios for the first time and record their first single "Love Me Do " in studio 3.
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