By: Kayla Barber

Part from the Memoir

The boys were trying to learn all the new moves they had been watching on the TV, so they wanted to try the new moves on my sister and me. Moves like putting me in a head lock and punching me over and over again, throwing me over their shoulders, into all the tables and chairs. Let’s just say I got pretty hurt during the whole time I was there. They even put an electric drill up to my arm, accident or not, I was never sure, and pushed the button, leaving a small gash on my arm which has gotten a lot better.

How did I overcome it?

......But I overcame the whole problem, when I was at school my dad drove a whole hour and a half, and drove to my school, and took me somewhere safe, and since then I couldn’t ever be more grateful for my dad......

How can I help others going through this...

For everyone that has ever, or is now going through it, it gets better, at the time you feel worthless, but keep fighting. You have people that love you and are here for you if you need help. I feel so much better now that I have overcame that. I'm now older, and more stronger than I was then. It made me stronger.