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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

We hope you are settling into your new routines and getting the hang of distance learning! After talking with families, there were a few tips I wanted to share with you that might be helpful:

1. mute is everything! Your child has likely been in a Meet where someone has left their mic active - then the whole class hears every sound and it's very distracting. Here is a quick video that offers two tips on how to mute and unmute your Meet quickly. Practice so that your child feels confident during class!

2. breaks are important! When your teacher has a break scheduled, be sure to take advantage and encourage your child to do something that does not involve a screen. Some kids enjoy reading, playing outside, jumping on their trampoline, playing with their pet, drawing, practicing their music or sports skills, or taking a quick walk around the block. Encourage your child to do what brings them joy and allows your to come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next academic task!

3. pop into 'office hours' for extra help! Teachers are offering some kind of 'office hours' where your child can get clarity on directions or can get a quick reteach on an important concept. Check your child's daily schedule to find out when office hours are held. This will help your child build a relationship with his/her teacher, and will help your child from falling behind.

4. reach out to your child's teacher! Your child's teacher is here to help and is an expert in their field. If your child is struggling with attention, content, or social needs, let your teacher know so they can offer support/tips and can be paying attention to your child with those thoughts in mind.

5. being organized is great! Much like you have an in person school year routine, setting up a routine for distance learning is smart. Be sure your child knows where to put away his/her learning materials, where to keep his/her pens/pencils/crayons, etc... Help your child once a week or so to clean up their working area - filing papers, sharpening pencils, and throwing away any trash - think of it as cleaning out their 'backpack!'

This Week's Most Important Thing - Colt Pride!

We love sharing our Colt Pride every Friday! Our PTC has organized a wonderful online spirit wear store where you can select the logo your child prefers, as well as the color and style of spirit items that works for you! You can order it online and have it shipped directly to you at home!

The spirit store offers masks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pjs, shorts, bags and more!

Check it out online 24/7 here:

iReady Diagnostic

You've likely noticed that your child (grades 1-5 only) has been asked to complete an 'iReady Diagnostic" in both math and reading.

This assessment is completed online. It is an important tool that we use to assess strengths and needs and provide appropriate intervention and differentiation. Your child will likely take it 3 times this year.

It is VERY important that your child completes this test. It is also VERY important that your child does this work independently and without any help from you or siblings. The assessment will lead to online lessons, and if your child gets help on the diagnostic, his/her scores will be inflated, and the future lessons will likely be more challenging that your child is prepared for. This creates unneeded frustration for you and your child.

Our goal is to ensure children make a years worth of growth this year. We appreciate your help with following these guidelines on the iReady assessment so we can best support your child and so that their at-home (and eventually in person) learning experience is positive and well-targeted.

Mindfulness Corner

Looking for ways to relax before school, during a break, or after school. Check out our virtual calming corner and other mindfulness resources plus helpful tips for parents to support their child's anxiety - click here!

Non-School Days & District Calendar Links


Mon., 9/7: Labor Day / no school

Fri., 10/2-Mon., 10/5: Fall Break / no school

Mon., 11/2: District Professional Development / no school

Wed., 11/11: Veteran's Day / no school

Mon., 11/16-Fri., 11/20: Conference Week (watch for details in late October!)

Mon., 11/23-Fri., 11/27: Thanksgiving Break / no school

Mon., 12/21-Mon., 1/4: Winter Break / no school

Mon., 1/18: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day / no school

Fri., 2/12-Mon., 2/15: Mini February Break / no school

Fri., 3/26: Public Safety (PS) Day*

Mon., 3/29-Fri., 4/2: Spring Break / no school

Mon., 4/5: Public Safety (PS) Day*

Mon., 5/31: Memorial Day / no school

Fri., 6/11: Last Day of School

*Fri., 3/26 and Mon., 4/5 are Public Safety (PS) Days - PS days are non student and non teacher word days unless they are needed as make-up days for prior Public Safety closures (smoke, power outages, etc...)


You can find the district calendars for 2020-21 and 2021-22 here.

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