SHS Spotlight

October 11, 2020

Thank You

Thank you from all who kept my family in your prayers following the death of my stepfather on October 1. I am so grateful to our secretary, Mrs. Rich; our librarian, Mrs. McIntyre; and all of our teachers for keeping things running so smoothly in my absence last week. God bless you all!

Mrs. Miron, Principal

Bike-A-Thon Winners

Congratulations to our Bike-A-Thon winners for most miles ridden and most funds raised. Photos of our winners and their prizes can be seen on our Facebook page. Thank you especially to our awesome Home and School Association for all of their hard work in organizing this event and making sure everyone stayed safe and healthy during the Bike-A-Thon. The total funds raised by the students and received in donations was $14,870!! What an amazing gift; thanks be to God for all who support our mighty little school.